Thursday, June 23, 2011

Super 8


Popcorn Wednesday! Last night I watch Super 8 (kawan saya cakap macam jenama beras, Super 8). It’s about a group of kids who were doing a film (and kind a little obsessed with doing a movie) at a railway station when they accidentally witnessed a train crash. There’s a mystery about the crash and they were trying to solve it. Because they accidentally film the crash and the thing inside the train.

They film all the incident happens around the crash and their town, their shooting (acting) combine with the real things happen in town, it’s production value, as said the fat boy in their team.

The storyline are quiet loose because I cannot really relate the alien (that suddenly appear after like halfway of the movie) to the train crash and the ‘thing’ that the airforce looking for. But if you have a little knowledge about Area 51, they are building/creating some weapons at Area 51 and rumours said they also kept aliens there, you can somewhat understand this story and relate to it. It wasn’t a heavy movie. But it was a fun movie to watch, because of the kids. Read here for the story of the casting of these kids.

If you really want to watch a very good movie, I suggest you not to watch this. but if you just want to spend your free time by watching any movie than you can go for this. Okay. Till the next movie. Bye.

Oh wait, by the way, I was wondering what is Super 8 (other than it is like a brand of a rice)? What it has to do with this movie. So I did some homework this morning and found out that Super 8 is a kodak, super 8 mm film, release in the 60s, it is a motion picture film format. The kids in this movie were doing a film using Super 8 (super 8 mm film). That’s all for now. Seriously bye now.

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ღ Mitchell ღ said...

Enda best ke pula tu? Bru I planning mau pakai my 4 free passes to watch this movie tapi enda jadi la pula.. hehe.. thanks for the info.. said...

Maybe the kids was accidentally snapped some weird things during the crash. I wonder about Area 51 thing. Does it really exist? Sorry, I'm kinda lazy to click the hyperlinks, ahaks! XD

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