Friday, February 29, 2008

no more never-met-supervisor


well, i've met my never-met-supervisor..
i called his PA at 3, and she said that i can come because PM IDRUS is in..i was so excited. i get ready and arrived at his office at 3.30. by the time i arrived, he is out already, but his PA said that it'll just take a few i wait..

he is in..i excitedly entered his office with my stuff..and we made a brief introduction of our discussion. i present him my progress report...and he started to made few additions to my project..hmmm...betambah la plak keja aku kan...but i'm glad that i've talked to him so that i didn't look like i've done nothing with my project..i want him to be informed about my project and progress, and i accomplished that. he is well informed and ok with it..

but..the bad news is, he is adding something to my work that supposed to decrease is increased..he want a full progress report, and he made a list of the things he want, and i have to submit it in a week time..i repeat..a week!!

the main thing, he want me to read about the CONSTRUCTION ON CONTAMINATED SOIL..*sigh*
so i have to do extra work now..this really made me hate PSM..

now it made me think that i'm not supposed to met him until my project is 90% complete so that he won't have any chance to make any additional to my project, and i think he should just stay as my never-met-supervisor..

and he thanked me for waiting patiently..he also apologize because it is hard for an appointment, well, he is extra busy after naik pangkat...

now, he is no more my never-met-supervisor..
he is now have-met-but-shouldn't-met-earlier-supervisor..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

i will be

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
'Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I’ll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

I thought that I had everything
I didn’t know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe, 'cause you're here with me

And if I let you down
I'll turn it all around
'cause I will never let you go

'Cause without you I can´t sleep
I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave
You're all I’ve got, you’re all I want
And without you I don’t know what I’d do
I can never, ever live a day without you
Here with me, do you see,
You're all I need


today (i mean yesterday, wednesday), ive started to do the compaction, for my PSM..feel glad that i did..

firstly, i ask a friend help to teach me how to to the lab test..thanx a lot to hana for teaching me..the session on tuesday night with hana goes well..

then, on wednesday, its yesterday, but since i haven't sleep yet by now, i felt like it was today, me and hubby and a friend went to minyak beku to take the sea water sample..its very the hot, in the middle of the day..hurmmm...but its fun though...

me and hubby went to the lab after the lunch hour..and ive started the compaction for the first two samples..

i really2 feel glad that i did it..even though havent finished yet, but its a is such a relieved..

thanx to hana and farinie...and special thanx to hubby..i owe u a lot..and it is such a relieved.....

*cure and sickness*
*picture taken by : sarah*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

don't shut your glass sliding door

it happened last night..
masa aku nak gi kluar mkn..i left something in d house..
so, i pon kuar semula dari keta, headed to the door then unlocked the pintu gril..

right after i open the pintu gril, i trus melangkah masuk ke dalam rumah dengan semangat and confident nye..tanpa menyangka yg rupa-rupanya pintu sliding door kaca itu berada dalam keadaan bertutup..

dengan kelajuan yg tggi kepala/dahi i yg x brape nk kuat ni telah menghentam pintu kaca sliding door itu dengan kuatnya..
sehingga mr hubby dalam keta dgn pintu keta bertutup itu pon terdengar bunyi hentaman yg kuat gile, gile pon x kuat camtu tuh...


i pon menjadi bengong dan pening sekejap akibat hentaman yg kuat itu..sakitnya..isk, klu la kepala/dahi i boleh bersuara, pasti ia sudah menjerit dengan sekuat hati..

so the message-

don't shut your glass sliding door


pakai helmet sebelum masuk ke dalam rumah

Monday, February 25, 2008

sickness and cure

well, i convinced hubby last night, we went for dinner and movie at bp...yeay!! thanx u..

VANTAGE POINT was an ok movie la..but its tired to watch the same story at different scene several pape pon movie i'm happy coz hubby is beside me...

and the disease, yes, die wat prangai masa me tgh layan movie..pity hubby had to accompany me to the toilet while the just once je la..ehehehehe..overall, xde r disease tu mengganggu sgt..besides i've promised hubby that i'll be ok kan...
so frens, do watch vantage point, and do fight for ur disease or sickness!!
and if u got any sickness, ur bf/gf must got the cure...

just like me n bebe, i got the sickness, he got the cure
our world is rawking!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

super damn bored sunday

eeee...geram la...until when i have to stay home cmni...uwaaaa...bley gila...hate this disease so much..if not because of this disease, dah lama i kuar merayau kat bp tu tau...bley bowl, movies, window shopping, lepak kt luar few hours with just a cawan of teh-o-ais...

but this disease really torturing me u know...this disease force me to stay home..nk kuar mkn pon susah...bukan lame mane la pon mkn tu..but stil x dapat la i nk menanggungnye...

nk g mkn pon xbley, ade hati la plak ckp kt hubby nk g tgk wayang ptg td..hmm...hubby pon risau je psl me ni, kalo i nk gi tu, gi je la..jgn igtkan i pasal disease ni b..tensen i...g mampos ngn disease tetap gak my hubby say no..huhu..thanx nway b...i know u risau nnti i merungut mase jln sbb sakit ni..

so sepanjang hari, me tpkse la mghargai apa yg ada dalam umah ni..supaya nmpak menarik..n x rasa teseksa x kluar umah..n memujuk diri supaya pk, bende2 kt dlm umah ni lg best dr kat luar sana, best than bowling, best than ape la ada kat cni ni..other than my hubby yg x bosan2 nk temankan i n dgr mulut i membebel ni, paling best pon my laptop yg nk meletop dah ni..tgk tv??hmm...bosan la, kalo ade astro xpe la juak...mkn tdo je la dlm umah ni..x pon menjenguk ke luar tgkap bilik i yg hot gile ni...ala sepanjang arini yg ade kt luar tu pon mat2 vietnam warga asing tu tgh main bola kt tgh2 hari yg panas tu..gile ke hape...hape pon x gile cmtu..

last2 me ttdo..right after finished my meal ptg td..bngun2 dh kul6 lebih..then mummy called

mummy : buat apa..sihat suda ka..ok suda your disease tu..

me : tdo...blom sihat lg..but getting better

mummy : y ur voice sound like that

me : im sleeping i said..jz awake

mummy : aik..u..mghrib suda ni..bngun la eh..

me : its not even dark yet la here mum..its jz 615pm, i have like an hour lg to sleep..

mummy : u tau ka ur sis ada cni..sok baru dia blk kl..

me : ya..ya..i know..

mummy : ui..mgantuk btul ka u ni...pas ni jgn tdo blk..

me : yala2..mau bngun la suda ni...

mummy : ok..take care..

then me pon bgun la...melihat lg kebosanan disini..n suddenly felt so damn stress because can't go out..layan je la umah ni..tgk sana..tgk cni..

n me menjenguk la ke luar tgkap skali lg...opps..tetibe tjenguk la plak brother tu br blk ngn awek die..tetibe t'pk la pulak..funny btol la this brother one..ade awek pon nk jeles ngn kite lg..bile la nk brubah..matured sket la my abg..kate i adik u...heran gak die kurang becakap ngn my hubby...u will always be my brother..even though i kept changing bf...u will stay as my brother...n after this i won't be changing bf, whoever pon my bf, i will had to have bf..because u r my brother la...dh brape thn la we kept saying that to each other...abg oi, respect my bf please...

back to my day n disease..jaga la ko disease..later when i recover from u, i will enjoy puas2...movies, bowling, i have to shower first..then i'll think what im gonna do next n d rest of the night...maybe i will convince hubby that i'll be ok tonight n we'll go for movies..wish me luck!!!


my all time favourite breakfast

nyum nyum

p/s- remember, breakfast is the important meal of the day!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008



amazingly, i woke up early today..
6.50am..even before the sun rise..
sory sun, i beat u today..
feels so fresh..

"Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil."

semalam we all ada bbq at rakin's place..
its his birthday..
happy birthday rakin..
we really2 had fun last night..
this time's bbq is slight different from other bbq held in his place b4..
because this time, they (rakin, matin, ali, nije, sarip, najib, sadat, jan) invited almost the whole class..n its such a sweet n fun event, where the budak cina sgt sporting to attend, and the classmates gathered n had fun..its awesome..

the menu
  • laksa - cooked by murni
  • ayam
  • ikan (3types of ikan la lbh kurang)
  • sosej
  • fries
  • tembikai
  • air laici

the people (the classmates, i wish i dont missed any name)
besides the housemates themselves,its
  • me, lisa, pijot, ainur, murni, farid, pa'ie, dedt, salwa, balkis, lynn, ina, tipah, intan, jaja, zila, nisa, mela, roy, zafran, jepp, beh, other 3 chinese (i forgot the name), ilyas, roma, acap, paan, jamal, ijam, apan, megat, syuk, masrizal, jetak, wak, ise, wan
  • the gf-s, pinah (n frens), syikin
  • the frens of the housemates-dewa, norman (may), n some other frens that i dont know their names

the events
  • bbq (of course)
  • mkn2
  • photoshot session (i'll upload the pixes later)
  • the nyanyi-n-potong kek session
  • the kotor session (the climax of the event) where they throw rakin to the nearest dirty sungai (or maybe parit), siram him with disgusting n smelly air ayam, tepung n some other dirty stuff,
  • the cleaning
its crazy, the area are damn smelly with the air ayam spread around the road..the pakcik2 makcik2, villagers, n org yg lalu lalang were like covered their nose, n stared weirdly..hahahaha..sian rakin..sory la, everyone has their turn, the night is yours..

appreciation n applause to the tuan rumah, for the such unforgettable event..hope there are more events such, in the future..

i'll upload the pixes later..


Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief

Thursday, February 21, 2008

> 50

it feel so great..great..great..
for the 1st time in my life..
my weight exceed 50kg..
i'm 51kg today!!!

i almost fulfilled my number 7 new year resolution



olla everybody

thanx for visiting

i'm moving from friendster blog

so..this is my new blog


lets ready to rawk!!!

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again