Monday, February 25, 2008

sickness and cure

well, i convinced hubby last night, we went for dinner and movie at bp...yeay!! thanx u..

VANTAGE POINT was an ok movie la..but its tired to watch the same story at different scene several pape pon movie i'm happy coz hubby is beside me...

and the disease, yes, die wat prangai masa me tgh layan movie..pity hubby had to accompany me to the toilet while the just once je la..ehehehehe..overall, xde r disease tu mengganggu sgt..besides i've promised hubby that i'll be ok kan...
so frens, do watch vantage point, and do fight for ur disease or sickness!!
and if u got any sickness, ur bf/gf must got the cure...

just like me n bebe, i got the sickness, he got the cure
our world is rawking!!

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