Sunday, November 23, 2014

Of sadness and Iphone 5 and everything.


Life has been rough lately. Allahurobbi. I believe its either penyucian dosa lama, and All s.w.t mahu bagi hadiah besar soon.

I am super glad that I have my husband Jay, that I can talk to about everything without feeling insecure or judged. I tend to understand the quote that people always shared on facebook


sometimes I feel people we people tend to share any quotes that looks beautiful without feeling or knowing the truth meaning of the quote.

Alhamdulillah ujian-ujian begini la yang bikin kita dekat sama Allah. Istiqomah la bah, ya Cinoi.


Anyhow, let’s cut it short. Hahahahaha . See one second I am sad, the other second I am so pump up.

My Iphone 5 have been giving me trouble since I use a cheap cable once few months ago. So I bought another TWO original cable, but the battery was already affected by the cheap cable. Last week I sent it for repair in 1Borneo. They charge me RM350 for the battery and ‘ic’ (i dont event know what ic means) - in 1 hour I get my phone back, it’s like new. love the battery.

Sunshine for a week, then the darkness comes……

A week later, I forgot to charge my phone before I went to sleep, so it was dead for like 6-7 hours. When I charge it in the morning, It doesnt want to turn on until one and a half day.

So on Thursday, I sent back the phone to the same place where I repaired it.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), husband went to the shop to ask for my phone, the technician aka bos said my phone was already on after they charge it for more than 24hours, but he needs another 2 hours to charge it and to find out whats wrong with the phone. He asked him to come back after 2-3 hours.

In the evening I went there to pick up my phone, but the technician was not there (he went for meal), the lady staff called him inside a glass room (she even close the door so I can’t hear her),then she said she doesn’t know where my phone is, the boss bring it with him. And she said they need to order some part inside the phone and bla bla bla.

I told her, her boss told my husband that the phone already managed to switched on and now you are telling me this?

“Mana saya tau oh tadi husband u cakap sama boss, kami busy semua layan customer mana kami dengar dia cakap apa”

So I called up Jay, he said they wasn’t busy and they heard Jay’s conversation with the boss. I can smell she’s trying to hide something or lie to me. I said I want my phone, she said the phone was with the boss he bring it to LUNCH to test if the phone is okay - what the fish kejadahnye kau mau bawa phone rosak aku tu pergi lunch. Penipu la.

When he arrived, the phone is inside the repair room pun!! he said he change the battery again but still the phone can’t take any charging, he needs to check on the ‘ic’ and the ‘ic’ part ordered will only arrived on Monday. Eh hello, tadi kau cakap dengan husband aku phone sudah boleh on.

“Its okay, just give me my phone, I’ll come back again on Monday then if u said the part will only arrived on Monday”

Finally he gave my phone and said

“Dont forget to come back on Monday, and don’t let anyone open your phone”

Aikkk kenapa pula kauu tak suroh orang lain buka tu phone, macam menipuuu jakkk. Suka hati aku laa kalau aku mau pergi hantar repair tempat lain kah. So i went back home with a dead phone juga.

Whatsapp pun pakai laptop haha very the annoying you know, my business pun kacau bilau since phone buat hal. Thinking of getting iphone 6 pula cuma budget tidak cukup lagi ni, but I need a phone that can run as fast as iphone 5.

I was okay without phone for few days, I can live without INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. BUT I REALLY NEED MY WHATSAPP, CALL AND TEXT MESSAGING FOR THE SAKE OF MY BUSINESS. Mudahan Allah permudahkan rezeki kami. Amin.

how addicted i am to blogging

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