Sunday, March 30, 2008


*me xda*

*me and sis lyne*

*sis lyn, erin, and sis lyne*

*erin was so tired..fall asleep in the car*

*me, sis lyne, and erin*


*we looove taking pixes*

* me and very the jahat kakak lyne*

*dalam the cruise..apa nama putrajaya tasik*

*hurmmm..she love interframing*

*iwan (erin's bro)*

*ntah la*

*the tix..rm30 ya for adults*

*yes, she is acting*

Saturday, March 29, 2008

one tree hill season 5 tree hill season 5 is getting hot gitu..

the last episode which is episode 12 is a very special 100th episode of One Tree Hill..

the wedding of Lucas and Lindsay, where the last chance for Peyton whether to intervene or lose her true love forever, but at last she didn't need to because Lindsay back off at the last minute, after lucas said "i do"..

Dan, the recently paroled, dad of Nathan and Lucas showed up..and the mad maid-nanny carry who seduced Nathan, trying to kidnapped Jammie, James Lucas Scott.

supposedly this week, the episode 13 are released, by Thursday..but, when i'm trying to download it, still can't get it..tensi gue since last thursday..haiya, bila mau kluar ho...until just now..yeehaaaa...dah ada...very the happy....

now i'm waiting, for the download to finished..dah 99%...

bosan entry

the other day, i went to the do the financial management assignment assign by Mr Jahayah..

i'm not a library-type person..but the assignment needed us to go to the library to do some ok la kan...its about Monte-Carlo Simulation..

its a group assignment actually which my group consist of 4 people, the cinta-keras couple roy n mela, sam and me myself. right after i finished my part, i managed to take a nap, or maybe sleep would be the right word. woo..sejuk2 gitu...

here's are some shots *ni tmpat i cari buku tu*

*ni buku yg i dapat.(x termasuk buku2 yg kwn2 i dpt)*

*this is me reading the book..yeehaaa!!*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Use this in Your Life

Pyramid of Life

Talk-------- ------Softly
Walk-------- -------Humbly
Eat--------- --------- -Sensibly
Breathe----- --------- ---- -Deeply
Sleep------- --------- ---- -Sufficiently
Dress------- --------- --------- --Smartly
Act--------- --------- --------- ----Fearlessly
Work-------- --------- --------- -------Patiently
Think------- --------- --------- ----------Truthfully
Believe----- --------- --------- ------------ -Correctly
Behave------ --------- --------- ------------ ----Decently
Learn------- --------- --------- ------------ -------Practically
Plan-------- --------- --------- ------------ --------- --- -Orderly
Earn-------- --------- --------- ------------ --------- ----- -Honestly
Save-------- --------- --------- ------------ --------- -------- -Regularly
Spend------- --------- --------- ------------ --------- --------- -Intelligently
Love-------- --------- --------- ------------ --------- --------- ---Passionately
ENJOY--- ------------ --------- --------- ------------ --------- --COMPLETELY

my pink motorola is sick

actually last night, i plan to wake up a bit late today..but something came across that i can't stay sleep any longer.

its my pink motorola.i felt it vibrate right beside me, so i open my eyes, and flip my phone to check out the msg..sadly, it doesn't turn on..yes, its not flaring.. the screen doesn't turn on, even though the phone is switched on. yes, it means, my phone sudah rosak...uwaaaaaaaa!!!!

i didn't manage to read the msg. so then, i placed the sim card to my other phone, nokia, but the msg is not there..haih..hate this so much...and another bad news for me, i save all the numbers in phone memory, so i don't have anyone's phone number in my sim card ok.

the result, i can't sleep any more..its still early morning (9 am is early when u have no class the whole day), and i really can't continue my sleep.

gggrrrrr.....benci la.........i really need this phone, i save everything in it. and its my everything.. *sad eyes*

Tentang Kawan-kawan

dipetik dari fynn jamal..

Di mana kalian masa tahun baru?
Aku bersama teman-teman aku
Sebab aku rasakan tahun baru itu
Seharusnya disambut dengan orang-orang terkenal olehmu

Biasa saja.

Sejujurnya aku ini bencikan dunia yang baru kurasakan
Sejujurnya aku rasakan dunia baru ini penuh manusia plastik saja

Berapa orang yang kau boleh bilang menjadi kawan, kawan?
Berapa orang yang boleh bersama-sama, teman?
Berapa orang yang kau rasakan memang sebenarnya kawan dalam jiwa?

Sebab sebenarnya berapa orang aja yg kita betul-betul kenal
Yang tahu apa makanan kegemaran
Yang tahu apa yang kau rasakan
Yang boleh tahu kau sedang menangis ketika kau sedang tersenyum

Berapa orang yang hilang bila kau katakan kawan, kawan?
Berapa orang yang kau boleh katakan teman?
Semuanya ketika ada duit saja
Ketika ada rumah, ketika ada segalanya

Berapa orang yang benar-benar kenal engkau?
Di luar, di dalam, siapa yang kenal engkau?
Hanya keluarga
Hanya satu dua tiga
Yang lain semua sampah belaka

Ku tak suka dunia baru ini, ku tak suka
Bukan kerna apa, bukan kerna kerek, tapi ku tak suka

Kerana berapa orang yang kau boleh bilang kawan?
Berapa orang yang kau boleh bilang teman?
Semuanya bohong belaka
Semua ketika ada duit saja
Ketika ada rumah

Hey kawan-kawan, berhati-hatilah
Kerana orang-orang itu semuanya hanya mengambil kesempatan
Mengambil keuntungan
Di waktu engkau senang
Di waktu engkau terbilang
Di waktu engkau rasa suka
Di waktu duka tiada

Hey kawan-kawan berhati-hatilah
Dunia penuh dengan, penuh dengan
Penuh dengan sampah
Penuh dengan sampah

Tahun baru ini kita katakan kita mahu berubah
Mahu berubah

Tapi berapa orang yang telah ambil inisiatif untuk memikir sepanjang tahun lalu apa ang telah kau lakukan
Bukan fikirkan ke depan!
Fikir apa yang dah terjadi
Muhasabah diri
Fikirkan apa dah jadi
Bukan sekadar mencari “Wah, ramainya kawan!”

Percayalah kawan aku sudah berada di sana
Dan aku boleh katakan yang aku tak suka

Semua kata teman
Semua kata kawan
Tapi bila kau sedih
Tapi bila kau berduka

Tiada siapa yang mau duduk bersama
Semua berlari keluar pintu sana

Semua kata “bye bye”
Padahal dulu “hai hai”
Siapa mereka, kita takkan tahu siapa

Cubalah kau bersusah
Yang siapa meninggal bersama kamu itu kawan
Yang sudah pergi, bukan
Yang tinggal itu kawan
Yang pergi itu bukan
Yang tinggal itu kawan
Yang pergi itu bukan
Yang tinggal itu kawan
Yang pergi itu bukan
Yang tinggal itu kawan
Yang pergi itu bukan

Berhati-hatilah kawan-kawan

Ini tahun baru kita buka buku baru

Fikirkan masa dulu
Sekarang ini kamu fikirkan, kawan-kawan
Fikirkan kawan-kawan
Fikirkan kawan-kawan
Fikirkan kawan-kawan

Siapa kawan
Siapa lawan
Siapa kamu
Kenali dulu

Kenali diri kamu
Kenali diri kamu
Kenali diri kamu


Ini lagu tentang kawan-kawan
Tentang kawan-kawan yang bukan-bukan

hasil karya fynn, which i adore so much..


the other day, i've decided to quit netball..

but, after a friendly match last week (which i did'nt attend), few of my team mate sighed..because of the performance of the new player that replacing us, the retired one. and julie did ym me, to talk about this matter..and persuade me to join this masum. furthermore, the coming masum is in sabah, its my place..

and today, maybe i'll changed my mind. but... if i do wanna participate in this coming masum, there's a lot of stuff that need to be settled down.

since the masum falls on while i'm undergoing the industrial training this MEI, i have to apply for a leave, to UHKI and to the company i work with. its a bit complicated, as the industrial training coordinator stated at the briefing, we are not allowed to take more than 3 days leave, so it might be tough.

so, wish me luck tomorrow..and i hope, they will simply approved my application, so that i can participate on this'll be my last masum.

*2007 usm open*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

to a friend

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by
I draw this line and hope you'll take my side
You shouldn't have to fight alone
It's nobody's battle but your own

this part of alexis on fire song entitled to a friend is specially dedicated to sarrah, for all that she had gone through..

matzu best

this post is especially for matzu..

its a surprised, he texted me just now

igt gak matzu kat aku..hahaha..

then suddenly die ckp nat anta mms

so i waited patiently..
another surprise!!! he sent me my pix!!! x sangka matzu smpan gak gambar i..gambar tu mase we all tgh on the way balik bp-kuantan-kelantan..gamba curi, i duk dlm kete..tekejot i..

thanx matzu...

skrg me nak tdo...


ehem ehem

to someone,
named saiful @ bdk klntn @ dumb-ass @ whatever-name-ur-father-gave (so pity of ur father having a son/daughter like u), or whoever out there..

i know u are out there..stalking..dan cuba untuk menjatuhkan saya..for ur info, i am getting stronger, and if u think shouting at my Cbox would make u feel better and making me worse, u are totally wrong and and and perhaps stupid too..if u are man enough, then show urself..

sedikit pun saya tidak lah tergugat dengan kata-kata bodoh daripada anda..sebab saya amatlah tidak peduli terhadap kata-kata orang seperti awak yang saya langsung tidak perlukan dalam hidup saya..ataupun tidak lah saya meminta duit awak, mahupun duit ayah awak yg sangat kasihan kerana memiliki anak seperti awak untuk mengarut di dalam blog saya ini..

saya menulis ini bukanlah kerana peduli dengan kata-kata awak, tetapi kerana menghormati rakan-rakan lain yang juga membaca blog ini kalau2 mereka terbaca ayat bodoh awak itu..

jika kerana blog saya ini, duit awak yang ntah ada atau tidak tu semakin susut, sehingga menyebabkan awak mengarut dan mencarut di blog saya ini, sila lah nyatakan sebabnya..

saya tidak ada sedikit gusar, risau, sedih, marah, geram, gembira, atau apa-apa juga perkataan yang menunjukkan apa-apa perasaan akibat daripada penulisan awak itu..saya tidak mengganggu hidup awak, ataupun meminta duit mak bapak awak yg sangat kesian kerana memiliki anak yang seperti awak itu....

di era zaman moden ini, dengan keadaan awak yang sudah bijak untuk mencari dan membaca blog, saya tidak sangka otak awak masih lemah lg (mungkin perkataan bodoh lagi baik), dengan memberi kan shout yg sebegitu di Cbox saya..

sesungguhnya keadaan awak itu sangat la mengasihankan, rasa kasihan juga terhadap ahli keluarga awak yang tidak bersalah kerana memiliki awak sebagai salah seorang ahli keluarga mereka..

dengan ini, jika ada rasa tidak puas hati, sila lah beredar dari blog saya, sekali lagi saya nyatakan ya BLOG SAYA bukan lah awak..saya akan sesuka hati menulis apa-apa yang menurut pandangan saya..atau terlintas di fikiran saya, atau mana2 jari saya rasa ingin menekan keyboard ini, kerana halaman ini saya telah daftarkan pada blogger..saya daftarkan sendiri, tanpa meminta sesen pun daripada awak yang sangat kasihan ini..

akhir kata, segala yang buruk itu datangnya daripada saya, dan yang baik itu datang dari Allah s.w.t.

p/s-kpd rakan2 pembaca, maaf Cbox shout saya ditutup buat sementara waktu...

Monday, March 24, 2008

hate my weekend


Friday, March 21, 2008

si kerak

taik na juak..
i sik suka la org kedak ya..sik pelu bah i cia org mkn mok mraih undi..sik pelu juak i masak pake org suma mok mntk phatian..ades..

kedak kerak juak perange..benda kecik mok juak besarkan..jaik lalu la perange kedak ya..nya igt i takut gilak ka ngn nya..pngampu bos sigek gik...sik malu na nya tok eh..dh la nangis dpn gerek org...

mula2 nak, sik juak i tauk perange jaik nya,,pas org ofis nya dik pun pdh perange mengadak nya ya..bok i pasan..nok i tauk, nya nang sik klaka ngn i or geng i...

heran juak i..nya polah mek duak kedak angin jak..polah sik nampak jak..taik juak eh...skali i tulis ya sikda juak ngkah namanya..kenak nya mok trasa gilak..nang bena la ya nok i padah ya..sbb nya terasa gilak..sik la i lalek org kedak nya polah hal dolok..sik kan i mok diam jak...

polah dirik kedak bos..suka ati jak mok cari org lain pake gnti..pas ya bangga dirik gik nangis depan gerek org..mati juak eh

dh la rupa pun jaik..sik tauk la i nk pdh apa gik..papa jak la..

i'm 84% addicted to blogging

i just reached home and find sarah is i delay to finish my financial project that should be submitted today to chat with her...actually i've done last night..i just want to edit something somewhere...

then she told me to measure how addicted i am to blogging on this one site...

so i did..the result is at the right side of my blog..u can see it there..

hmm..i am 84% addicted to blogging.. i am now...huhuhu..delaying my assigment just to tell i am 84% (again) addicted to this thing..yyewww...

ok la..i gotta go..there's a lot to do here...a lot!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

baikpulih struktur project progress

scene : class
time : 10.30am

i wrote a notes for rosman..

rosman reply....

i tambah....

sharul reply....

hmmm..that is my baikpulih struktur project progress....

psm lagi..

huhu..huhuhu..n more huhuhuh..
due date is around the corner..
tp my final year project..tak siap2 lagi..
lab test pon x gerak since last week..
whats happening to me...

the most don't-want-to-know-n-look thing for me now is calendar..
benci la mau tgk all the dates..yg come n go so fast...
knapa kita kena buat psm..kenapa psm buat kita...knapa psm ngn kita...
to all frens that struggling for their psm, just like me, i wish us all good luck..

can't wait to finished all this, my degree...
can't wait to take a step further..
to try my luck in the new world called career...
can't wait for beetle volkswagen..hehehe...'s my most-hate date for the coming days...

21st march - financial management project due
22nd march - seminar green card CIDB
24th march - test pengurusan loji
26th march - test baikpulih struktur
28th march - test pengurusan pembinaan
29th march - financial management test

14th april - final exam starts
29th april - seminar PSM2

5th may - indsutrial training starts make me feel better, i kept reminding myself, the faster days goes by, the faster i'll leave all this and move to another phase of my life...

hummmmm..think positive..think positive....


i don't feel good..
i don't feel comfortable..
i am damn sad...
i feel like crying
how could..urmm...aaarrrghhh...just can't spread it out..

i hate dis feeling!!! really do........

i wish i was as INVISIBLE as u make me feel..

currently listening to BABY LOVE by nicole, CINTAMU by dygta, and WHY by avril..

Monday, March 17, 2008


last weekend shopping outfit! new outfit!

all from NICOLE MNJ

*n di bawah ini, must have!*

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


segala sesuatu dalam dunia ini bersifat terbatas

begitupun kita manusia

kekuatan tenaga, fikiran dan perasaan kita

selalu berhujung pada batas-batasnya

namun dalam keterbatasan itulah

sesungguhnya Tuhan menganugerahkan rahmatnya

di mana kita diajari menjalani hidup

berdasarkan kemampuan masing-masing

seperti menuang air ke dalam cawan

banyak air harus padan dengan volume cawan

sayangnya kita sering takbur

tanpa sedar pada keterbatasan

kita selalu ingin mendapat yang lebih dan infiniti

kita merasa diri kuat bagai karang di laut

padahal, jika saja tahu

batu karang pun berlubang-lubang karena terkikis air

menyadari keterbatasan diri

adalah cara terbaik untuk bersyukur

super sunday

sunday aritu was quite superb..hmm..bangun pun tengahari lambatnya, ikutkan hati, ingin saja membuta sampai petang, sbb orang-orang tua cakap, tidak lah elok bangun bila matahari sudah di atas baik me tunggu sahaja la matahari turun sampai tidak berada di atas kepala lagi..

just after awake, i had maggie laksa and coffee, blom mandi lagi dah melantak maggie..nyum nyum..sedapnya..suddenly dorang baru teringat ada wedding invitation that day..haih..nasik dah kitorg pon makan je la nasi ngan sardin cepat2..elakkan pembaziran di kemudian nanti..

then we all siap2..hurmm...yg malasnya, me didn't prepare anything for wedding reception..i don't even have suitable me came out with this (below)*on the way gi nilai*

sampai kat nilai, where the wedding reception is, me melantak lagi nasi yang x brapa nak minyak tu, with nyum-nyum ayam merah, and daging apa x melepaskan peluang untuk makan siang yang ke sekian kalinya pada hari ini (makan kali ke3 actually)..rezeki jangan ditolak..lagipon, i've mission to gain more weight..

almost an hour gak la kat wedding reception to..pastu kitorg balik r..while heading back to malacca, kitorg tetibe rase nak stop by the a'famosa water world...hikhikhik..we all gi la survey2, the price, ape yg available there, and macam2 la..penat juga jalan2 and amik gambar je...

after pening2 lalat kat a'famosa, we all headed to town..sampai je kat town..aro
und 7 camtu, we all gi melantak lagi..hurmm..melantak dulu la..lagi penting dari yang lainnya..this time i had sizzling mee and fresh orange...

surprisingly, i met my long lost friend, nur sheeba laili here at the tmpat makan..gile kentang punye surprise ni..mau x tekejot me...rupenye pompuan yg dok usha2 my guy frens is my fren..and kawan i sorang ni la..bley x cam i..when i shout her name she was like shocked like hell, insted of recognizing my face, she recognized my voice...hurmm..again, my voice yg loud and sedap ni made people remember of me..*me n sheeba*

after makan, we all went to MP..did some window shopping..i even get my
idaman, Beetle Volkswagen..even it is just a model collection, now it'll be my pembakar semangat..i put it next to me, on my desk, so everytime i see it, i will berusaha bersungguh-sungguh, so i can get mucho mucho money, so that i can buy 1, real one, for myself...i entered East India boutique, i even survey the GUESS and TISSOT watches...

dah penat, me keluar dari MP..tunggu minah ni, ngn tunang die..lame bebenor..and again... a surprise..rupenye dorg lelame ni gi beli camera, RM2k..slambe die je..tetibe beli ajim is obsessed with his new HD40 NIKON camera...we all were like very excited, with the camera, that we didn't stop taking pix and shots everywhere..

then, our next destination is eye on malacca..we all meraikan ca
mera baru dengan berposing bagai gila di sana sini di eye on melaka untuk medapatkan shot terhebat musim in...below are the result, yg x brape nak awesome..but okey la..we are new anyway...

*omg!!look at my hair..*

*bunga cinta astika*

*rantai besh*


*itu bukan aku (pic idea by me..wahahaha)*

*pegi la mampos~*

*x sedar pon ajim snap*

*ni aku sedar ajim snap* sunday is super because of two important things , MAKAN and TOOK PICTURES, lots of picture..

models : me and my super-duper-sporting-best frens azmin n sarah
photographer : ajim

Saturday, March 8, 2008


i've watched 10000BC last night at MBO Melaka
the story is good, the line is perfect, but some questions are left unanswered, well that is what a good movie should have...
but all in all, its so perfect, a story of a girl with a blue eye..
go guys, watch 10000BC!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


as to fulfilled the request of my have-met-but-shouldn't-met-earlier supervisor, on adding something to my final project, i have to read these books..*sigh*

*books i'll be rocking with*

program ict last weekend

*the rocking tag*

*start ur day with breakfast*

*me n sarah*

*berbincang la konon*

*the fasilitator*

*danau digital sdn bhd team*

*boss blanje..secret recipe..nyum..nyum..*

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again