Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Customer Day

Assalamualaikum good morning.
Bila mula berblogging semua, apa yang aku ada ini lah, pasal studio. Sebab ini lah aktiviti I setiap hari, this is my JOB. So sabarlah yang membaca my social media, we tend to talk about our daily job/activity kan.  Alhamdulillah 7 bulan sudah ber-studio fitness, dan buat I makin suka my job because it doesn’t feel like a job job. Hehe
Semalam kami buat Customer Day, which is hari penghargaan pelanggan. Sebab tanpa pelanggan aka client client kami ni maka studio kami akan sunyi sepi krik krik gitew.
Everyone was awesome last night, I am so thankful and grateful for the attendance, the foods, the happiness and the experience last night.

Dimulakan dengan FITDANCE , boleh tengok macam mana excited and happy those people are.

Bak kata Kevin Zahri,

Fitness should be FUN! If its not fun, its hard to keep coming back.

Kemudian ada pula sharing – Health Talk, and how to help ourselves first before helping our family and friends to be healthy and achieved their weight target, testimoni and real life story sharing. Thanks for all the Herbalife coaches around Kota Kinabalu who came to show support and participate last night Alhamdulillah.


FIT CHALLENGE kami buat satu sahaja iaitu PLANK CHALLENGE

Yang lucu banget PLACK CHALLENGE ni I told them, siapa plank lebih 2 minit ialah pemenangnya. But I let them plack LEBIHHHHHH sangat dari 2 minit, almost 3-4minutes macam tu. I lied to them, I told them okay sekejap lagi dua minit, hold on ya. They didn’t know they true potential if we didn’t push them more. At the end barulah kami bagitahu they actually plank too much longer than 2 minutes. I love the fact that they feel good about it and they feel good about themselves. Its like mission-completed feelings you know.

Next is SHAKE CHALLENGE, pertandingan buat shake Herbalife tersedap dan dalam masa 2 minit sahaja. Why 2 minutes? Sebab secepat itu lah sarapan kami dibancuh, 2minit. Sarapan shake yang complete, vitamins and minerals and protein, low calorie, easy on the go, 2minit setiap pagi.

Hahh kauuu semangatt gitew

The sweetest part is celebrating our studio member whose birthday in SEPTEMBER.

 Not forgetting, LOYALTY GIFT. How to get this? If you subscribe certain package in our fitness studio, you will get points everytime you come, join the fitness activity, take your shake, bring friends, etc. The point collected will entitle you gift based on the accumulative points. Congrats my studio member Carol, entitle for HERBALIFE 24 ARM POUCH. Lepas ni suka la kan lari sambil letak phone di arm pouch.
Okayy itu semua aktivit party semalam. I am glad my kind of party nowadays is healthier than my party 3-4years ago. HA HA. Saya tinggalkan kamu dengan group photo semalam.

Thank you Allah, Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to appreciate our client, dah la kita nak appreciate dorang, dorang pula lagi datang bawa foods. And it was a LOTS OF FOODS. Rezeki sangat Alhamdulillah.

Fitness studio kami bukan hanya menekankan senaman, kami juga support group yang RESULT oriented, we first determine what you want to achieve in your life and work on that. But the destinations was not as important as the experience that we share along the journey.

To join our FITNESS STUDIO, kindly contact me at +60177000171
Our fitness studio is located at RIVERSIDE PLAZA, KINGFISHER, KOTA KINABALU, SABAH , just nearby HOSPITAL LIKAS.


Coach Cinoi
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Friday, September 18, 2015

I Am Really Back This Time

Yessssss, I know. Don't say.

You see, I have problem with my previous domain

For the time being I will be using temporarily until I figure things out with my domain.

So yeah there will be a long update. Just bare with me okayh.

Guess I'll see you soon okayh.

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Guess i'll see you when i see you



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