Sunday, November 23, 2014

Of sadness and Iphone 5 and everything.


Life has been rough lately. Allahurobbi. I believe its either penyucian dosa lama, and All s.w.t mahu bagi hadiah besar soon.

I am super glad that I have my husband Jay, that I can talk to about everything without feeling insecure or judged. I tend to understand the quote that people always shared on facebook


sometimes I feel people we people tend to share any quotes that looks beautiful without feeling or knowing the truth meaning of the quote.

Alhamdulillah ujian-ujian begini la yang bikin kita dekat sama Allah. Istiqomah la bah, ya Cinoi.


Anyhow, let’s cut it short. Hahahahaha . See one second I am sad, the other second I am so pump up.

My Iphone 5 have been giving me trouble since I use a cheap cable once few months ago. So I bought another TWO original cable, but the battery was already affected by the cheap cable. Last week I sent it for repair in 1Borneo. They charge me RM350 for the battery and ‘ic’ (i dont event know what ic means) - in 1 hour I get my phone back, it’s like new. love the battery.

Sunshine for a week, then the darkness comes……

A week later, I forgot to charge my phone before I went to sleep, so it was dead for like 6-7 hours. When I charge it in the morning, It doesnt want to turn on until one and a half day.

So on Thursday, I sent back the phone to the same place where I repaired it.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), husband went to the shop to ask for my phone, the technician aka bos said my phone was already on after they charge it for more than 24hours, but he needs another 2 hours to charge it and to find out whats wrong with the phone. He asked him to come back after 2-3 hours.

In the evening I went there to pick up my phone, but the technician was not there (he went for meal), the lady staff called him inside a glass room (she even close the door so I can’t hear her),then she said she doesn’t know where my phone is, the boss bring it with him. And she said they need to order some part inside the phone and bla bla bla.

I told her, her boss told my husband that the phone already managed to switched on and now you are telling me this?

“Mana saya tau oh tadi husband u cakap sama boss, kami busy semua layan customer mana kami dengar dia cakap apa”

So I called up Jay, he said they wasn’t busy and they heard Jay’s conversation with the boss. I can smell she’s trying to hide something or lie to me. I said I want my phone, she said the phone was with the boss he bring it to LUNCH to test if the phone is okay - what the fish kejadahnye kau mau bawa phone rosak aku tu pergi lunch. Penipu la.

When he arrived, the phone is inside the repair room pun!! he said he change the battery again but still the phone can’t take any charging, he needs to check on the ‘ic’ and the ‘ic’ part ordered will only arrived on Monday. Eh hello, tadi kau cakap dengan husband aku phone sudah boleh on.

“Its okay, just give me my phone, I’ll come back again on Monday then if u said the part will only arrived on Monday”

Finally he gave my phone and said

“Dont forget to come back on Monday, and don’t let anyone open your phone”

Aikkk kenapa pula kauu tak suroh orang lain buka tu phone, macam menipuuu jakkk. Suka hati aku laa kalau aku mau pergi hantar repair tempat lain kah. So i went back home with a dead phone juga.

Whatsapp pun pakai laptop haha very the annoying you know, my business pun kacau bilau since phone buat hal. Thinking of getting iphone 6 pula cuma budget tidak cukup lagi ni, but I need a phone that can run as fast as iphone 5.

I was okay without phone for few days, I can live without INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. BUT I REALLY NEED MY WHATSAPP, CALL AND TEXT MESSAGING FOR THE SAKE OF MY BUSINESS. Mudahan Allah permudahkan rezeki kami. Amin.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Herbalife 24 HAL : Why do we invite everyone.



Since few months ago, we are working on this cause and it was unbelievably amazing. It is a HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE day on the 24th EVERY MONTH.




It is about inspiring you to take the leap to become your best self. We want to make people feel good and help them build a strong sense of self.




We want to create a positive community that supports and empowers everyone, no matter what their fitness level or goals are.




People often shy away when they hear the term ‘healthy active lifestyle’ as they imagine having to dedicate hours to extreme workouts. While that certainly counts, a healthy active lifestyle is simply one that contributes positively to your physical and mental wellbeing. It is not as hard as it sounds. Small changes to your daily life and diet can add up to big results in the long term.




Whether you are already fit or just starting out on your fitness journey, you can live a healthier and more active lifestyle




So far we have done already 3km sunset run in Taman awam, Zumba and fitdancce in Donggongon, and the latest Soccer and Volleyball by the beach in Tanjung Aru in the morning, and family day fun parents and kids game in the evening.




It is open for everyone around KOTA KINABALU, where you can have fun,group/buddy  exercise @ workout, where you can spend time with family and friends, and where you can meet new friends while enjoying the view and environment too. I am in love with this cause because it brings people of all ages together having some fun while exercising and sharing good nutrition.




No worries, no string attached, you can just join and bring your family and friends with you. Just having fun do something you never do before and meet new people you never met before. It brings value to our experience just to know other people and listen to their stories. Get off the small screen on your hand, get off twitter, facebook, instagram, experience something real once a month, I promise you it brings no harm.

IMG_6181*With Nurul, Masterskill College student, Kota Kinabalu*


And not only in Kota Kinabalu, we also have it in Sandakan, Labuan , Terengganu, Kl Johor Shah Alam Perlis all over Malaysia and other 90 countries of Herbalife. Just contact your nearest Herbalife coach to get the details on the activity and venue (we kinda change venue every month)






INSTAGRAM : cinoidotcom
TWITTER : @cinoidotcom
FACEBOOK: Cinoi Kassim





*We also are doing some light fitness workout every Saturday morning 7am at Taman Awam likas, it also includes FITDANCE and simple TABATA. Feel free to come yeah Winking smile

Triple Celebration


18 August is harijadi suami ku bukan jururawat.

I cakap dengan dia, mahu buat makan-makan kecil on 19th, jemput few people sempena raya. Ya la mau rasa raya di rumah di sini KK kan. Jemput sikit ja sebab rumah kita tak muat reramai orang, condo apartment katanya kan. Kakakku satu family, adik-adik Jay, kawan terdekat and coach Herbalife. Aku jemput juga kawan sama universiti dulu si Herizal sebab kesian dia berjauhan dengan istri dan anak di semenanjung muehehehe.

jamuan raya coach herbalife kota kinabalu


Little that my husband know that istrinya plan sekali kejutan harijadinya dan sekali harung la sambut rasa kesyukuran untuk ulangtahun perkahwinan ke dua tahun (25 August). Mihmihmih.

kek harijadi kakkiahcakehouse kotakinabalu*jatuh tergolek pula dumbell ni hah*


jamuan raya coach herbalife kota kinabalu 2

Makanan pun separuh jenis ja aku masak, yang lain order, macam kolupis and satay tu aku order orang ja. Kek aku order kakkiahcakehouse.


Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah raya haji aku buat lagi makan makan kecil, jemput orang yang tak datang haritu pula. Ha ha ha ganti-ganti giteww.

Aku tinggalkan kamu dengan gambar tuan tanah. Mudahan tilljannah. Dan dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan anak ramai. Amin.

ulangtahun perkahwinan coach herbalife kota kinabalu





Cinoi xo

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday




Hah kau . Masa ni blackout di Teratak Bonda. Segala mak nenek telco memang lemah di kawasan sana. Kalau tiada wifi, memang tidak dapat la apa-apa di telefon, even call pun suara tenggelam timbul.

Nah ini surviving skill tahap tinggi kalau nikmat karan ditarik muahahahaha.

Thank you.


Terima kasih untuk satu hari lagi peluang. For just waking up and alive.
Terima kasih untuk tidur yang baik, selesa, aman.
Terima kasih untuk anggota badan yang sempurna, kesihatan, masih boleh berlari, bergerak sendiri,mampu ikat tali kasut. Tubuh badan yang dianugerahkan sejak lahir (pegang badan)akan ku jaga amanah ini sebaiknya.
Terima kasih untuk mata (sentuh mata) tangan (sentuh tangan) kaki (sentuh kaki) tak akan ku tukar ganti dengan segalanya. Imagine orang yang tiada/sakit kaki tangan takboleh melihat.
Terima kasih untuk tempat berteduh (rumah), kenderaan, pekerjaan, ada baju untuk dipakai, ada kasut, ada air di rumah, ada letrik (kalau mati air atau mati karan kang sudah mula complain)
Terima kasih makanan, minuman, peluang merasa,selera makan.
Terima kasih ada suami, ada ibu ada bapa, adik beradik, anak buah, kawan-kawan, kesihatan mereka, keberadaan mereka walaupun jauh/dekat jumpa/takjumpa.
Terima kasih untuk rasa senang , rasa susah, ujian, kekuatan.
Terima kasih untuk ilmu, idea, buah fikiran , keperhubungan sel sel otak.
Terima kasih untuk keupayaan untuk bersyukur.


I love waking up to a purpose. Semangat.

But before proceeding any, I take time to thanked Allah for everything even the smallest thing you can ever imagine. I also write 10 things I am thankful for every day after waking up (or before I sleep) I have a special journal for it, it’s like a diary. Writing 10 in a list is just a routine. it is actually more than that that I am thankful for everyday.

I know someone somewhere out there thought that they have the biggest problem on earth, they thought that they have the worst time of their life, rasa susah, sesuatu yang tidak dapat disetelkan, sedihhh , etc etc and thought they have nothing. But think again, carefully thoroughly, there must be something that you have that day that you should be thankful for. Be happy with the smallest thing that they will become BIG.


What are you thankful for today?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Syawal 2014

Haa kau habis syawal baru ada update syawal 2014.


Tahun ni beraya sebelah suamiku bukan jururawat, Jay hahaha. and family in law aku pula tidak beraya di Lahad Datu hometown mereka, tapi beraya di kampung ayah mertua ku RANAU. Merasalah aku 1 Syawal di Ranau yang sejuk siok siok.



Beraya di kampung Marakau di rumah ja. lepas tu lawat kubur. Balik dari kubur melantak la makan makan raya. Pastu sesi bergambar. Lepas tu tidur. Then bangun makan lagi.

Petangnya kami bergerak ke KK, sebab ibu mertua pula mahu beraya bersama keluarganya di KK.

Raya kedua masak-masak bersama my family in law di KK. Malamnya tu open house then pergi beraya di rumah makcik di Karambunai.

Raya ketiga fly balik sandakan weuhouuu. Siap pakai baju kurung and baju melayu kekonon fefeeling balek kampong dalam flight.



Sampai SANDAKAN kau jangan tanyahahaha. BERAYA SAKAN. Makan pun SAKAN. Allahurobbi. Pasal raya di Sandakan nanti lain update sahaja okay. Mau 6 hari juga aku di Sandakan beraya. Nasib la muscle mass sahaja yang naik, body fat tak naik maintain saja gitewww. Coach kan kena la jaga. Chehh, padahal melantak jugok. Sarapan saja yang penting Herbalife dihatiku. Yang lain lain rendang kolupis kari etc etc di mulutku.

Ok bye. Semoga panjang umur beraya lagi tahun depan. Aamiin.

*Jangan lupa ganti puasa



Cinoi xoxo

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I miss you Pink!


acc 2*Abaikan perkataan 30an to hokayyy ggrrrrr* Paper 20July2014

Selepas kejadian dua tahun lepas (refer HERE) , sekali lagi kami alamai pengalaman yang sama , tapi lebih teruk sedikit . Also in JULY. Whats with JULY or No 7 anyway zzzzz.

18 July – Masa tu on the way sepatutnya ke rumah my coachee, for SHAKE PARTY , satu keluarga dia mahu timbang. Then petang ada apppointment tukar ke empat-empat tayar si Pink.

Kita merancang, Allah yang menentukan. Kami di lorong laju sebelah kanan, Jay drive, aku duduk di pasenger seat depan sebelah kiri tengah tengok phone. Tiba-tiba phone ku terbang dari tangan ku (imagine dengan gaya slowmotion ok) pastu dari anak mataku aku nampak sesuatu benda-benda kecil terbang di kiri, dan bunyi sorotan dari pintu belakang ke pintu depan ( sebelah kiri) sampai la ke lampu kiri bumper kiri depan.

Kami ternaik ala-ala terbang atas pembahagi jalan, then aku nampak taxi tu drift bulatan dua kali (selepas melanggar kami) lalu melanggar guard rail di kiri dan terhenti.
Barang-barang dalam kereta semua terbang ke depan bahagian kaki kami. Dengan produk SKIN ku bertebaran semua la semua hambur. Terus aku menangis tersedu sedan, maybe sebab SHOCKED, dan sebab bersyukur TERSELAMAT. Dan the rest is history. History la sangat. Zzzzz . Nasib baik lah belum pergi tukar tayar.

acc 3

Tiada adegan STERING LOCK okay. HAhahaha, aku tiada bercakap pun dengan pemandu taxi tu. Accident happens, I believe dia pun tidak mahu juga kejadian tu berlaku, cuma pertimbangan dia time tu ja la salah, dia mengelak kereta lain tapi tidak tengok kanan lalu terlanggar la kami. Zzzzzzzzz

acc 1Paper 19July 2014


Rancangan 19July drive ke Sandakan puasa sana dan kemudian 21 july drive Sandakan ke Lahad Datu CANCEL! TRETTTTTTT. Potong stim betulllahh. Ada hiccups kan. Kami ambil masa satu hari satu malam untuk bertenang, langsung tidak buat apa-apa, tidak urus kereta, tidak plan macam mana mau balik puasa di kampung etc. Appointment semua cancel.


Yang best nya, lepas accident tu, buat report di Balai Polis bandar kk. Kami laki bini di tengahari panas di bulan puasa berjalan kaki, pergi bank then pergi Suria Sabah. Masuk suria duduk tercongok ambil aircond kunun.
Pastu dari Suria jalan kaki ke bus station di bandaran mau balik rumah, sempat singgah bazar Ramadhan di dekat DBKK. Best lahh pengalaman berjalan kaki dengan suami ke bazar pastu balik naik public transport (read: BUS YANG AIRCOND NYA MATI SEGAN HIDUP TAK MAHU BUAHAHAAH) . Dalam bas kami TIDUR MATI. Pastu amazed “Cepat juga sampai naik bas kan nda sekat-sekat di jammed”, sebab bas kan main cilok di kiri lane seja. Siap ada roadblock tahan tu bas polis cek ic semua passenger bas hahaha. Nikmat bejalan kaki dan naik bas dapat pengalaman baru and and tengok gelagat orang (sebelum kami tertidur)

Turun bas lintas jalan jalan kaki balik rumah 5.30 petang. Tunggu waktu berbuka, minum air dan makan kuih dua biji sahaja. (SHAKE pon tak buattt , blurrrr sangat) pastu tiada makan apa sampai malam sampai tidur. Drama kannnnzzzz.


Dan disebabkan kejadian ni juga merasa la aku dan suami pada 21hbJuly MALAM naik bas ekspress Kota Kinabalu – Lahad Datu, first time bersama-sama. Bas 8pm sampai Lahad Datu 2am. Siokk, aku tidak pening, tidak mabuk, ada husband di sebelah, kami tidak perlu drive, boleh tidur-tidur (walaupun nervous dan takut naik bas di jalan Kundasang Ranau)

Sekarang mari kita sama-sama berdoa semoga kereta kami si Pink cepat siap di workshop sana. Amin!

*Rindu gilaaa dengan si Pink sob sob sob

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kulit Cantik Dalam 7 Hari


Haaaaa gitew tajuk. Barulah kelasss kau jah. Macam iklan tv buahahahaha.

Anyway, refering to my previos post, I mentioned during HERBALIFE ASIA PACIFIC EXTRAVAGANZA Singapore, ada launched new OUTER NUTRITION, facial product called SKIN 7. Kan kan kan.


  • SKIN ni sudah berada di pasaran US dan negara sewktu benua dengannya . Cuma sekarang baru masuk asia pacific weeuuuhouuu
  • SKIN 7 ni dipanggil SKIN 7 sebab result perubahan ketara dalam masa 7 hari sahaja wa cakap lu. AMazzzzinggg.

SKIN kulit cantik*Basically akan dapat 9 item (dalam gambar ni 10) sebab CITRUS CLEANSER is for Normal to Oily . And Aloe Cleanser is for Normal to Dry type of SKIN. Jadi pilih jenis kulit sama ada berminyak tau kulit kering.


Jadi ceritanya ahad lepas rezeki ku dapat try secara PERCUMA ni SKIN. thank you President Team Dries and wife Annida for your generosity

IMG_3423*Tengok bini si Kopidi yang pregnant ni, sebenarnya dia tu sedang menunggu hari masih lagi cergas and join us. Salute.

Paling ketara best gila is dia punya SCRUB dan  MASK. SENANG untuk diratakan, dan refreshing menyedut kotoran keluar dari muka. On the spot feels the different and glowing skin effect. Aaaaa excited aaaaaa


Everybody was happy, sempat celebrate birthday Dries (bini dia Annida yang comel baju pink sedang pregnant tu)


Dia punya packaging pun cool luxurious. Then kertas yang cover dia tu kalau kita buka dan koyakkan di dalamnya tu ada complete instruction how to use he product














Bawah ni aku share sikit testimoni few people yang sudah pun start guna ni di rumah. Kulit dorang sangat-sangat improve. No matter what type of skin you have, yang bermasalah ka berjerawat ka, yang sudah lama mencari penyelesaian kepada masalah kulit, I really recommend you to try this. The price is way more cheaper than the skincare product at the counter nearest you. I know every woman mahu cantik kan, who doesn't, lets cantik together-gether okayy. In fact, sebenarnya bukan perempuan seja, this SKIN range memang untuk lelaki juga and masa di Singapore I met few guys yang sudah dapat result with this product, unbelievably amazing kawan!

SKIN result kulit cantitestimoni kulit skin

Yang pakai tudung ni my friend Ain. The result is so amazing cant wait for my pre-order to arrive!!!


Order yours now, order bulan ni dapat FREE GIFT yoooo

Drop an email to atau directly contact +60177000171


I am so excited gila about this SKIN !


Most importantly, do not forget to nourish your body from inside. Minum Aloe Herbal Concentrate untuk cuci usus supaya bersih dan bersedia menyerap segala nutrisi dalaman dan luaran,minum Teamix yang mengandungi green tea dan sangat sedap untuk anti oxidant dan detox dan minum shake yang penuh dengan khasiat 23jenis sayur dan 6 jenis buah serta 18 asid amino. Dalam dan luar bersih, wudhu selalu, zikir, solat dan doa. InsyaAllah apa yang kita impikan akan menjadi kenyataan dengan izin Allah.

Fikir yang baik Baik, cakap yang baik baik, buat yang baik baik InsyaAllah dapat yang baik baik.


So, careful with your thoughts yaa.

ok bye love!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Extravaganza Singapore 2014


Alhamdulillah ini HERBALIFE ASIA PACIFIC EXTRAVAGANZA kedua saya (tahun lepas yang pertama di Bangkok)
Dan ini pertama kali bermusafir ke SINGAPORE. Syukur Ya Allah. Tempat baru lagi.

extravaganza singapore 3

It was an amazing experience. Banyak happy moments and mata kaca-kaca moments juge pun. Terharu sebak gembira Ya Allah banyak sangat perkara yang berlaku dari sebelum sampai sana sampailah semasa Extravaganza, Allah tunjukkan kami.


1. Pertama kali dengan suami jejak kaki Singapore hehehe. Dulu study ja di Johor tapi haram tak masok singapore langsung. Tak terpikir tiada-tiada hal mau ke sana. Syukur lah kali ni sebab Herbalife Asia Pacific EXTRAVAGANZA di sana. Anyway thank you SPONSOR ku Amy Melissa bawa jenjalan last day hahaha (itu nanti ceerita lain entry ya)

extravaganza singapore 1


2. Gambar di bawah ni keseluruhan team. Dan kalau dikira sebenarnya 6 orang dari team di bawah aku yang jejak kaki Singapura untuk EXTRAVAGANZA ni *mata kaca-kaca* Semoga mereka mendapat jawapan yang dicari.

extravaganza singapore 5


3. Ada dua perkara sekaligus dilancarkan semasa EXTRAVAGANZA, satu – pelancaran HERBALIFE 24, HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE weuuhouuu!!!

extravaganza singapore 6


4. Pelancaraan HERBALIFE SKIN 7 , jyeahhhh new outer nutrition line. RESULT IN 7 DAYS, i think this one you should order now, sebab this month order akan dapat FREE GIFT - FACIAL KIT TOOLs (Towel, Mirror, Brush, Bowl, Apron, Spoon, Hairband etc) plus FREE TICKET to SPA WORKSHOP. Lagi satu kenapa kena order sekarang, nanti raya musim kahwin juga, mahu kulit cantik dan tak nampak letih bukan sahaja dalam gambar tapi scara live juga, sebab berjalan and makan macam-macam, kita perlukan sesuatu supaya kulit cantik dan tidak ketuaan. Tahukah anda, kalau tidur tak cuci mekap dan tak basuh muka, your face will age 7days older than it should be. And the SKIN 7 is here in asia pacific, This is just amazing. Sempat lahh glowing sebelum raya.

extravaganza singapore 7IMG_3339


Im done for now. This is just a brief sharing. I am so excited , i feel so grateful that I decided to go to EXTRAVAGANZA SINGAPORE. The more places we go, the more we grow. The more people we met along the way, the more we grow. Lets do more. There will be more sharing soon , about Singapore, our experiences there and of course about the meeting and training.

Order your SKIN UILTIMATE SET now, drop me an email at or whatsapp/text at +60177000171 Saya berada di Sabah, area Kota Kinabalu (dan kadang-kadang SANDAKAN atau LAHAD DATU)



Cinoi xoxo

Friday, May 9, 2014

Jakarta again.


Kesinambungan entry ini

9hb Feb – Pagi-pagi kami dijemput oleh 4 kereta suv keren gitu. Semua kereta ni ada sticker Herbalife.. Rupanya Pak Faisal yang punya. Masa ni Pak Faisal masih di Bangkok kalau tidak silap, petang baru pulang ke jakarta. Drivers dia yang datang pick up kami untuk ke Tangerang, venue SUCCESS TRAINING SEMINAR dorang yang terdekat



Yang baju biru di bawah ni Pak Hendra, mula dia datang aku ingat dia ni supir jugaa, tapiii rupanyaaaa hahaahaha. Kalau mau tahu dia siapa baca hingga khir cerita ya



Kami dijamu dengan shake perisa WILD BERRY campur cincau siap. Perisa shake ni tiada di herbalife malaysia wuwuwuwu.

herbalife indonesia


Bersama Pak Deni , mantan supir angkot



Dr. Winda Susiyanti (Active World Team)




The crowd. Full gila ok. Masa kami sedang STS di bahagian Tangerang ni, ada another 7 succes training seminar also going on around Jakarta dan semuanya begini penuh. Yes sebab tu Herbalife indonesia meletup letup



Ingat nda Pak Hendra yang di atas aku sangka supir tu, dia sebenarnya PRESIDENT TEAM MEMBER yaa hahahaah humble gila sampai aku ingat dia supir. Gambar di bawah bersama istri nya yang cantik kulit flawless ibu Feny.



Yang di bawah ini asalnya ibu surirumah sahaja.
















Yang ini Wilmar, junior badminton player indonesia. Dia pun datang STS. luarrbiasa. Nanti kalau kamu mahu tahu ada apa d STS, ya di Kota Kinabalu, sandakan , Tawau juga ada. Contact saya yaa kalau mahu tahu.




Di akhir STS harulah foto bareng!



Dan pengalaman berhadapan macet (jammed) di Jakarta gila ya, balik KK terus less complain pasal jammed. Ssana lagi double triple tidur bangun balik pun belum sampai

Yang paling rare, ada orang awam yang akan bertindak macam polis trafik di sini tukang bagi jalan/laluan. Dan kau sebagai driver kena bagi dia tips kalau dia sudah tolong kasi stop kenderaan/motor lain supaya ka boleh lalu. Desakan hidup kan jadi macam tu pun bisa bikin cari duit.



Alhamdulillah it was a new experience for me. Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan

Saya tinggalkan kamu dengan pesanan-pesanan yang saya dapat semasa Success Training Seminar di Tangerang, Jakarta.



how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again