Friday, April 30, 2010

perasaan seperti terhidu gas gembira

Alhamdulillah. Terima Kasih Tuhan.

Told you in fb, my weekend starts on Thursday, and it is indeed starts yesterday! woot woot wooty!

Afternoon- planned to lunch at our all time fav: wanwan, unfortunately wanwan close on Thursday. hah. plan B!

later in the evening i cabutt from work early by 1hour  ! do you guys remember my promised hurm yesterday is the last 2 days for April, i just cannot wait another 2days for April to finish, and so i went shopping!! ok here’s the thing (giving excuses to myself perhaps), tonight's gonna be a good night!!! eh salah! tonight there’ll be a birthday party, so i need to shop (which i already did), WE need to shop since the theme is BLACK. so i seriously need black dress (ok i know i already have so many black attire, tapi tapi takmau pakai baju berulang sebab sejarah mungkin berulang so taknak berulang and this is quite a big event also for us)  the dress??yeah i took the picture of it while I'm in the fitting room, but i will just reveal later after tonight’s party okay!

then after the shopping session, we had dinner at waterfront, and i really had a blast there. hurm. i feel weird of myself too. i went hyperactive, not in control, laugh like there’s no tomorrow and just went crazy during the dinner. i just feels happy with my friends around. they said maybe I'm suffering adrenaline rush at that time, or maybe sugar rush. or maybe I'm just crazy myself. (ada sesi pantun dan sesi bercakap bahasa inggeris, siapa yang tak crazy?)

the dinner went crazy well. than we rushed to 1B


to GSC for IRON MAN 2. yippiie gagauulala!imhabis wayang terus pergi McD (eh tiba-tiba cakap melayu??), take away, then terus pergi SMC, melawat Aza. eh bukan Aza yang sakit, Sella yang sakit, operation dia kesian. lepak di lobi SMC sambil makan McD dan buat macam rumah sendiri adalah kepakaran terbaru kami (cewahh macam pantun!!)

gambar di luar lobi SMC

smc yang ada di tempat kejadian tapi tiada dalam gambar : Po, Aza, Bibi, Piqa

3am baru balik rumah gila kau! sekarang hasilnya mengantuk di tempat kerja. rasa mau order bantal satu tilam satu! (Kak Dimple selalu order ni di fb!)

malam ini semoga semuanya berjalan lancar cewahhh sudah beli baju mesti lah mau lancar kan kan kan.  i got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night! saya sayang kawan-kawan saya.

rasa ada life. rasa tidak meniru life orang. rasa tidak perlu sibuk hal orang seperti orang sibuk hal saya dengan kawan-kawan dekat dan jauh saya, kau takda life kah ohh puhhhleaaseeee get a life (eh tiba-tiba, cakap dengan siapa ni??heypp!)

rasa seperti terhidu gas gembira! Alhamdulillah.

bye for now. jumpa lagi dalam masa terdekat.


p/s: kedua-dua gambar di atas (kecuali gambar poster iron man tu) adalah di capture oleh Rara saja. semalam tidak bawa Chiqi keluar, lupa! i’ll make sure malam ni bawa Chiqi.



Cinoi xo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you’ve got to embrace the chaos. that way, life just astonishes you

tajuk ialah pesanan penaja semata.

weeeeee. ok, kita terus saja lurus ke titik (straight to the point, kalau tidak silap, belajar ni dari Kak Dewi-lurus ke titik),

i’ve got my FIRST Nuffnang Cheque.

woot! woot!

the cheque arrived few days ago at my hometown address ;)

ok. tu saja.


bosan pulak entry ni kan. hmmm. jap. cari gambar. jap ok!

eh, tak jadi la letak gambar. ni aku kasi screen shot keywords orang search yang sampai ke rumah ni. ;)

nuffnang keyword oke. this is only result for this week, yang last week, or last month lagi banyak. hmmp. ok ramai juga google CINOI & CINOI LAVIGNE, ok logik. sebab nama aku kot. hahaha.

cara nak mengunting baju kurung macam saya tak pernah blog pun, pernah ke?~~ haha. never. cara menggunting baju kurung ke, mengunting ke, tiada.tiada. industrial training, pernah kot aku blog, masa tahun 2008 la, bukan 17 may 2010. gagagaga.

kau lah laguku kau iramma yaaa pernah pernah, lagu aizat kann.

bagaimana memakai baju bomba, seriously dude, aku memang tak pernah pakai baju bomba. opss!! tapi aku pernah blog kan pasal bomba, pernah kan, masa kebakaran dekat area sini tahun lepas.

yaya bintulu pregnant?? ok salah tempat kau! hahahahaha.






p/s: lupa pula, 1 lagi entry mengharukan dan menggeletek (ceh bunyi ayat macam iklan drama tv) di sini

Thursday, April 22, 2010

free hugs, anyone?

DSC_0101 (Medium) *Dimulakan dengan gambar tuan tanah, tapi tiada kaitan dengan entry so what. i just miss my long hair as much as i miss that girl wearing pink cap!

random fact about Cinoi: she loves to subscribe to something something. hmmm. how to explain ah. ok i subsribe things like “Daily Quotes”, “iVillage Health”, “iVillage Love”, “iVillage Beauty & STyle”, and ada satu religious Islamic thingy juga i subsribe,even “Astrology Daily Horoscope” and “Astrology Daily tarot” pun Cinoi subsribe. now laugh, HA HA. dan berpuluh ONLINE BOUTIQUE juga Cinoi subscribe sejak tahun 2008. that’s why Cinoi have like more than 3 email address, for official, for subscribing above thingy, for online shopping, for social network web, so everything kena guna separate email, tak la bingung nanti.

ok. yang Astrology thingy i subscribe tu memang jarang sekali i baca, seriously, once a month pun belum tentu, tapi yang iVillage Health, Love, Beauty & Style tu memang selalu buka the email and baca, ada lagi satu this thing called stylehive ka apa tu. itu yang often i buka among benda yang i subscribe. and also wajib la the online boutique yang i subscribe, itu daily, wajib mesti harus buka and tengok. and the Daily Quotes pun i buka daily, dah subscribe kan.

ok sebenarnya nak cerita ni saja, one of the thing yang i subscribe tu the other day ada cakap tentang HUGS, hugging. i COPY & PASTE for you guys owhkayy. FACTs ABOUT HUGGING


It has been proved that showing affection strengthens growth and positive development in people. We all need physical contact to feel good, and one of the most important ways of physical contact between two people is hugging. Who does not need cuddles in this society that is becoming ever colder, more competitive, that compels us to be more individualistic, more personal-goal oriented...? When we hug, we receive an energy feedback. We bring life to our senses and reaffirm the trust in our senses. Sometimes we CANNOT find the right words to express how we feel, and then hugs are the best way to say it. We need four hugs a day to survive, eight to preserve ourselves, and twelve to grow. A hug makes you feel good. The skin is the biggest organ we have and it needs a lot of love. A hug can cover an extensive part of the skin and provides the massage you need. It is also a way to communicate. It can convey messages for which you have no words. We can always resort to the universal language of hugs. The Power of Hugs
Hugging achieves many things that you might never have imagined. For example:

  • It feels good
  • It dissolves solitude
  • It defeats fear
  • It opens the door to sensations
  • It improves self-esteem (wow, he or she wants to hug me!)
  • It encourages altruism (I can't believe it, but I want to hug that person)
  • It delays aging (those who hug age more slowly)
  • It helps reduce appetite (we eat less when we are nourished with hugs and when our arms are wrapped around others)
More benefits from hugs:
  • It is environmentally friendly (it does not damage the environment)
  • It preserves energy
  • It is portable and requires no additional machinery
  • It does not require a special place to do it (an adequate place to hug)
  • In any place such as a conference room, a mosque, a church, or a football field
  • It makes happy days even happier
  • It gives us a sense of belonging
  • It fills the void in our lives
  • It is still effective even after the hugging has finished
  • It strengthens and increases our ability to share
  • It harmonizes the hearts of friends
Hugging creates some form of addiction to tenderness, to altruism, to happiness...
Just as laughter, it is highly contagious! Whatever your hug may be, let it always come from the heart, not from the mind.
Come up with new ways of hugging.
Give your hugs interesting or funny names.
Become a full-time "hug therapist."
Be always ready to offer a hug to someone.
Observe the other person and always be careful of his or her personal space.
Do not try to impose your vision or philosophy on others.
A hug does and says very much.

Hug your friend, your loved one, your kids, your parents, your pet...


sudah baca? malas? ok la fine, kalau saya pun kadang-kadang malas baca, but i seriously read yang this one, the above one i copy and paste just to share with you guys. kalau malas baca yang tu, just baca quotes di bawah ni la ok?

“Hugging is good medicine. It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift. You need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, 12 for growth. Scientists say that hugging is a form of communication because it can say things you don’t have words for. And the nicest thing about hug is that usually you can’t give one without getting one”

get it?

ok. bye.


Cinoi xo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

and it’s her birthday

17 APRIL 1985

Sarah Hayati

Me & Cinoi *Gambar zaman batu

hahaha. ini adalah gambar first date Cinoi dengan Sara. hahaha. tahun bila entah ni. gambar zaman batu ni. kurus lagi. rambut panjang lagi. ah tengok sendiri. aku suka gambar ni, sebab PERUT aku flat lagi, sebab masa ni aktif sport lagi, sekarang?? azabnyaaa oi. Sara pon samaahahahaha.

*di sini saya kepilkan gambar-gambar lama Cinoi+Sara. gambar baru tak payah kepilkan!eh ada la kepilkan gamabr baru, dua sahaja. hahaha

 P1090100P1090129P1080915 P1090293dulu1 DSC_0112 (Medium)  1 2 

i love u Sara. Happy miracle birthday. ko tau aku selalu doakan, harapkan dan usahakan yang baik-baik untuk kau. aku tak boleh cakap banyak. nanti nanges. ko tau je sume bende yang aku nak cakap. hhahahahaha. muah! happy birthday.

dah 2 tahun tak celebrate birthday kau sama-sama.



Cinoi xo

Friday, April 16, 2010

..then i found the clouds


kan pada weekend lepas amat berseronok sekali.

pada ahad pagi tersebut, sebenarnya Kak Lyne ada call. this is our conversation


Kak Lyne: hello. Noi, aku baru cek mailbox, ada few surat mu sini.

Cinoi: okay. Ada apa-apa surat penting ka? Haha surat SPA ka? Adoi kalau surat SPA, kemarin sudah orang pergi exam nya tu kan. Ada?

Kak Lyne: takda lah surat exam SPA, takda apa-apa penting juga.

Cinoi: betul bah takda??

Kak Lyne: takda. Eh, mulai sekarang kau jangan pakai alamat mailbox ni lagi untuk apa-apa urusan ok, pakai alamat rumah sekarang saja, or alamat kk.

Cinoi: hmmm?? Kenapa? Ya la, ok la.


ok. fine. lepas hang up the phone, meneruskan AHAD seperti cerita di sini

malam, lepas semua berakhir weekend saya, dapat phone call dari Kak Hazline pula.


Kak Hazline: noi ko tau ka kau dapat exam SPA, kemarin examnya 10hb april. tu la lain kali jangan pakai alamat mailbox tu sudah ok! tukar alamat lain. surat lambat baca.

Cinoi: !#$%^&*()+


uwaaaaaa!!! i dapat exam spa???? and it was yesterday??? so i missed it huh!! terus rasa mau nangis, orang pertama saya call ialah Syauqi. ya, baik buruk mana pun Syauqi, teruk mana pun keadaan hubungan kami, dia orang pertama saya call, sebab saya rasa, cuma dia boleh mengatakan sesuatu yang akan mentenangkan hati saya sedikit. saya ada cuba orang lain juga, tapi, tidak berjaya juga mentenangkan hati saya.

 spa1 ha, tengok, saya adik perempuan bongsu yang sanggat disanyangi ok! selepas ini semoga kakak membelanjai saya sesuatu barangan yang saya sanggat inginkan sebagai penawar duka lara saya ohhh kakak yang cantik dan baik!!!  hahaha tiba-tiba nak juga bagitahu. hee lari dari topik sekejap je pon. kantoi la saya cuma berduka lara sebentar sahaja, haish, kenapa la saya cepat heal. sudah la. sambung baca perenggan seterusnya. serius ok.

see, Kakak Lyne call pagi tu, sebenarnya dia sudah baca surat exam tersebut, tapi dia enggan bagitahu, sebab sudah terlewat, dan tidak mahu merosakkan hari enjoy saya! hahaha. see, rupanya ke’enjoy’an weekend yang superb tersebut adalah silver lining kepada perkara ini ohhh T________________T



ok. sekarang saya mahu cakap pasal SPA. di zaman moden canggih berteknologi maju ni, kenapa hanya gunakan surat sebagai medium?

ok fine, call me stupid, but i seriously do not know how to check it online at the SPA website. paling i tahu pun STATUS PERMOHONAN, masukkan number ic, then akan keluar list jawatan yang dipohon. CUMA LIST JAWATAN sahaja, tiada status seperti “panggilan untuk menduduki peperiksaan” or whatsoever.

kalau nak cek untuk panggilan exam ka temuduga ka, i seriously do not know how to check it online.

malam tu, selepas tahu. baru i godek-godek the website, i scroll down dekat HOME page, ada di bawah tertera

Jadual Peperiksaan Memasuki Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia Tahun 2010 (BARU)

ok i klik situ, rupanya situ boleh semak kita layak exam atau tidak, terdapat option masukkan no ic, then keluar la result Peperiksaan bla bla bla pada, tempat, tarikh, masa etc.

ohhh. i baru tahu. ok tak payah kamu pergi SPA website sekarang, benda tu sudah tiada, sebab exam sudah habis!

saya betul-betul tidak terfikir untuk cek benda tu, sudah la di bawah, bukan di profile pemohon, di bahagian iklan dia di bawah. tak terfikir nak cek ok!

send la email ka, notification ka, phone call ka. okay la phone call macam susah sikit sebab ada beribu calon. tapiii send la email, kata canggih. ni bila semak STATUS PERMOHONAN, cuma keluar LIST JAWATAN YANG DIPOHON sahaja. tiada pun status seperti “TEMUDUGA PADA SABTU NI OK” atau apa-apa status. come on la, kurang convenient la kalau setakat bagi surat sahaja. ah apa pun, my mistake or not, whoever mistake it is, i MISSED my exam.

untuk tenangkan diri, i tried to be positive, yang penting sudah puas enjoy semasa weekend, dan mungkin bukan rezeki saya lagi untuk ini, its not that im desperate nak the job pun, tapi kan kah lebih terjamin daripada duduk di swasta ni. tapi tidak mengapa lah, mungkin ada hikmahnya. salah satu silver lining that i found in this clouds is, i had a superb weekend with my superb friends, and i know my sis love me.

walaupun duduk exam belum tentu dapat pergi interview, but atleast sudah duduk exam kan, kalau tak duduk exam mana la kita tahu layak ka tidak. oh by the way, saya layak exam untuk jawatan Peg Belia Dan Sukan gred 41 dan Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. best betol.

itu saja. SPA, tolong la do something. i guess bukan saya seorang saja missed this exam sebab lambat dapat surat. ok?

bye. call ur IT engineer. do something. i have email.



Cinoi xo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i found the silver lining first….

last week, 8th April Thursday, darling jay and darling nisham arrived KK ody from LD.

Went home after work, and siap cepat-cepat, malam lepak di Mcd bersama mereka, dan juga Sir Po. tidak lama pun lepak, sempat upload gambar LIVE d McD ke FB,


then pulang, sebab the very next day (Friday) i got to go to work, and Jay got interview with this one big company in KK, hahahaha.

On Friday, left office sharp at 5, need to get back home faster and recharge. got myself a 1 hour sleep because its gonna be a long night. it was a long crazy superb night indeed.

Nisham & Jay picked me up around 7.30, we had dinner, then we watched Clash of the Titans at 10pm. after the movie, we, plus Jay’s sisters and some friends went to Firefly, UNFORTUNATELY it was full and packed. you have to jalan ketam just to get inside, huh, so we went to Razz, not much option. huh. it was a great night.

i barely remember what time we went back home, but i remember i just get 2 hours sleep before waking up for work on Saturday morning. i curse the company i work with for working on Saturday!!

On Saturday, petang after work, we had lunch at our all time favourite WAN WAN yummmeh!~~fb2 after Wan Wan kami pergi karok (yaa tipikal i know, asyik karok saja) but who cares, we love it, and enjoy it very much.

2 after karaoke session, before dark, we decided to get back home early, because there’s another party coming that night. we did party hard that night. huh.

Sunday, i missed my Sunday morning, so did them. woke up in the afternoon, and lunch at wan wan (again). after lunch, we had dessert at my place, all of us, its like 7 to 8 of us, went to my place, my sis bake a chocolate cake and cheese cake for us. yippie!!~~~fb3 after the yummeh yummeh cake session, Nisham sempat tido on the couch tolong laa. everyone was waiting for another (final) karaoke session as the penutup of the superb weekend. around 4.30pm, we left my place and went karaoke!!! yes another karaoke session of the week.

DSC_0152 everyone was so tired, yet, still having fun though. (oh ya, noticed c Jay was sleeping there, sowty~~) tergamak kau tidur dalam suasana yang hingar tu Jay Kun! dush~

we only karaoke-ing for 1 hour, because jay & nisham had to catch their bus to LD at 8pm.


ok. habis. weekend saya habis di situ.

what's with the POST TITLE? yes, i found the silver lining first, before the clouds.

what's the silver lining? its the super weekend lor!!!! i just assume the superb wonderful  weekend is the silver lining of the clouds coming.

what's the cloud?? will tell you in the next entry, so stay tune.

….to be continued

p/s- more pictures in facebook!! cekidaut!



Cinoi xo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

oh april birthday wishes.

rindu blog.rindu blog.rindu blog.

akan mengupdate dengan kencang bermula hari ni. im few days behind sudah ni, gara-gara demam, malah mood memblog pun hilang.

ok. mula dengan birthday wishes.




10 APRIL 1953mom

*oke thats my mom and my sis. haha i tiada gambar bersama mommy. pelik kan. cari-cari tak jumpa juga.


pengcoveran dan pembackupan terbaik tu ialah, pengcoveran dari Daddy, kalau i ada membuat hal, atau ada buat salah, atau tak salah pun, biasanya Mom akan cover dari Daddy, sebab daddy ialah seorang yang GARANG amat. heheheeeee. sebenarnya Daddy sporting juga, cuma ada time-time yang tidak ngan timing gitu. hohohoh. lepas tu kalau Daddy bising apa-apa, confirm la Mom akan backup. thanks mom. kalau mau apa-apa dari Daddy pun, cakap dengan Mom, nanti Mom sampaikan dengan Daddy oh senangnya.

ya. kalau ada masalah cinta, hati sedang sayu bermuram durja jiwa lara, cakap saja dengan mommy, confirm ada penyelesaian terhebat abad ini. lepas cakap dengan mommy rasa mahu ketawa. last few weeks, when i went back to hometown, ada sedikit mengadu dengan mommy, mom hanya menjawab

tidak apa. banyak lagi menunggu. ramai lagi yang queue mahu isi borang

hahahah seronoknya jawapan Mommy niee adoi la…i love you mom! so much! happy birthday!!

ok. next.


13 APRILchem 

happy birthday chem!! jangan nakal-nakal. nanti ajar Aunty Noi speaking mandarin okeyy!

dan yang terakhir sekali, HAHAHAAHAH, 1 APRIL  gagagagagaga

1apr yup. they shared the same birthday. kebetulan kan. i date Shahrul from 2000 to 2002, and then Syahid for few months in early 2004 if im not mistaken, barely remember. anyway, happy birthday dude. lalalalala.




Cinoi xo

Monday, April 12, 2010

this was never the way i planned, not my intention

salam. hai all.

saya betul-betul mau update banyak perkara. tapi saya betul-betul tidak sihat ni.

tekak rabak.



berat kepala saya seperti..hmm..seperti..berat la.

bye la dulu. 




Cinoi xo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

baby baby baby ohhh

you know you love me,

i know you care,

just shout whenever,

and I'll be there 

haaaa. mesti tau kan lagu ni. yang taktau lepas ni kamu akan tau. it’s BABY from Justin Bieber. at 1st when i heard this song in the radio, macam biasa-biasa saja, macam lagu-lagu lain yang radio friendly, sedap di dengar, hmmpp. but  lepas di cover oleh my fav you tube artist, ouhh baru la saya “ouhh i like this song!”

baby baby baby ohhh

comel sekali juge pun lagu tersebut. i listen to this song each and every day since March 12th. have you guys seen the official video clip.. awwww it’s sooo sweettt soo teenage. ok before i sambung, u guys tengok dulu ni video clip dia

ohh ohhh ohhhhooo

comel gaya dia time nyanyi “just shout whenever” di minit 0:18 hahahaha like seriously shout!

minit 0:40 bongok gaya dia pi tarik jacket the girl. hahahaha. memang macam budaks. and the girl push him terus, pun sooo budaksss.

banyak aksi tolak tolak. heeee comelll. (iya kalau kamu mau muntah sekarang sila la, aku memang tengah mood comel-comel nih)

minit 1:16 lagii lawakkk dia buat gaya LOVE di dada bergoncang-goncang tu uwaaaaaa. cecomel and funny, but sweet though.

minit 1:24 dia pigi tarik lagi macam cuit bahu the girl HAHAHAAHAH lucu bahh gitu.

ohh gaya tarian dia di minit 1:29 saya sangat sukaaaa owwhhhh yummehh tolong seseorang menari begitu untuk saya. itu saja part dia nampak hot. ouucchh panas~

yang lain-lain tarian dia semua lucu-lucu belaka, there’s something about the way he dance hmmmm.

Ludacris : when i was 13, i had my first love ohh betull laa my 1st love when i was 13th youuu hahahaha tiba-tiba.

other than big boobs, the girl in this vc biasa-biasa saja (compare to the most girl in most international artist vc).

and Justin Bieber is so cecomel in this vc, and i was like baby baby ohhhh!!~~~



Cinoi xo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Syauqi

" If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go"

or i think i should just walk away...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

paling multi task

tengok tajuk. siapa petugas paling multi task tu. i laa oke!

last 2weeks masa Kakak Lyne tunang tu, i buat semua perkara oke. dari la bangun pagi dan membeli breakfast untuk semua orang, lepas tu pergi dapur, konon tolong goreng udang, tapi udang banyak gila kau 1 besen besarr tuu, kena goreng, panas oke, baru half way terus cakap sama Mommy “aduii, panasnyaaa nii. kenapa api ni macam terkeluar-keluar seja dari bawah kuali ni, banyaknya lagi ni udang mau goreng, terbakar laa bulu roma tangan i niee” hah amek kau complain panjang gila. terus Mommy cakap dekat adik dia “Chik pergi la kau goreng udang tu Cinoi bilang panas” thanks Aunty Chik memang best hahahaha. terus pergi potong sayur konon, baru separuh buat “adui, sakitnya hujung jari tangan ni mau pegang sayur ni begini, kakak sambung la” suru Kakak Misah sambung. hahaha. padahal masa tu terdengar dorang buat sound check dekat ruang tamu, terdengar bunyi karaoke, dan mic! hahahaha terus lari keluar dari dapur, mau tolong sound check konon, padahal terusss nyanyi 3 laguu kauu!!! ya, sebab saya memang alergik, kalau ada karaoke tapi i tidak menyanyi, nanti terkeluar gatal-gatal di tangan dan kaki! mesti nyanyi untuk elak kegatalan.rara1 lepas nyanyi terus ter auto-tidur atas sofa. sampai pukul2 tengahari!! tersedar pun sebab dengar Daddy dengan Adik sedang membersih ruang tamu! hahaha. then Kakak Lyne & Syakir datang “uiii kau takmau pergi ambil kek bla bla bla” terus duduk! “mauuu, tungggu, i tukar bajuu!” apa lagi, tukar baju, basuh muka pakai AIR saja, terus masuk dalam kereta “kita mau ke mana ni??” Salon!


Kakak Lyne set rambut, tengok i dekat sebelah kanan tuu seyybokk juga. biasa lah saya kan assistant! hahaha. habis saja cuci rambut, i pergi Body Shop, untuk mekap! DSC_0069

i know i know. bukan saya yang mau bertunang pun. tapi kakak saya. sooo, saya mesti laaa mekap juga! yeay!! ala mekap Body Shop saja pon, bukan dengan mak andam.

lepas siap mekap, pergi pick up cake, 3 cake, engagement cake, birthday cake for Adik, and birthday cake for Ummi. cerita birthday mereka di sini

sampai rumah sudah sangat petang, almost 6pm. mandi and bersiap laju-laju, and tolong kakak Lyne di bilik pengantin. opss. pengantin ker? pentunang la!DSC_0139

di sini, tugas sebagai pengapit pentunang bermula. juga sebagai camerawoman! hahaha multi task kan kan kan! tapi majlis belum mula lagi, semasa di bilik pentunang lagi. sudah huru-hara sedikit. bukan pentunang. tapi saya!rara2hahahaa. tapi finally bertahan sampai habis majlis.

di sepanjang majlis, mengambil gambar secara banyak-banyak. luckily still ada banyak gambar sendiri juga, sebab banyak cameraman/woman lain juga. yeay!2

*gambar di atas bersama Chiqi, walaupun Chiqi agak menyorok di bawah ketiak! eyyhh, kalau tali strap Chiqi sudah tukar jadi yang macam itu mesti matching dengan baju kurung i kann!!! hmmp



*sebagai pengapit pentunang. hohohoh

lepas tu pergi dapur tolong mana yang patut.


o yeahh sponge untuk basuh pinggan pun harus matching dengan baju youuuuu!!! lepas tu jadi model peti sejuk! hahahahaha. 13dan lepass tuu yang paling pentinggg!! karaookeeeee!!! weee. ok 1st tu memang ah malas la mau karaoke, just enjoy-enjoy layan cousins and the new member of the family, tunangan Kakak Lyne, Syakir, dia mesti wajib menyanyi and menari, and he did, dia menari dengan Mommy lagi oke!! style ah bro! welcome to the family. itu nanti cerita di lain post entry. lepas tu masa the karaoke crew next next pilih-pilih lagu, keluar pula lagu Lady Gaga, ok the cousins teross “woiii Lady Gagaa, nyanyyii woii” opsss what? they are shouting at me suroh nyanyi. soo layan jaaaa!!! rara3 DSC_0316

puas!! habis sudah semua, photographer, assistant pentunang, assistant di dapur, pengapit pentunang, penyanyi, pencuci piring, model peti sejuk, tapiiiiii takkan di lupa….16   

bersama Rara (, berfacebook. iya kan sudah namanya facebooker tegar. baru lah lengkap tugasan pada malam tu!


oke. sekarang pun penat. tapi tidak gila. selamat pagi selasa semua.

bye bye.



Cinoi xo

Monday, April 5, 2010

pelik tapi benar~

rutin pagi – blog hoping di blog kawan-kawan yang update. akan sedikit kecewa kalau mereka tidak update, wuiii kamu update la bahh cepat banyak-banyak!!!

jom main! macam ni, aku ada letak satu lagi link, di mana-mana entry yang agak latest-latest juga dalam blog ni, hahahahaha, cari la kalau jumpa! hahahaha macam main treasure hunt kan?!! cari la, cari la. link baru link baru yeah yeah link baru!~~

terima kasih kerana menjadi fan setia saya, setiap hari, pagi-pagi sudah datang jenguk-jenguk. woot woot wooty!!!


minggu ini akan menjadi seronok sekali, sebab? anggota akan datang KK pada minggu ini, akan ada pen’shoppingan yang hebat sempena perkahwinan nanti, dan akan ada short trip spontan yang hebat juga, yabedabedu!!~

penshoppingan pada april adalah dilarang sendri kan? saya tahu, saya ingat tu janji saya, tapi ini adalah mesti, sebab sudah lama dijanji, kami akan jadi pengapit yang ramai-ramai nanti, masa kian suntuk. harus beli material kainnya segera. pengantinnya sudah mula panik kalau gadis-gadisnya belum beli kain lagi. haih.

selamat hari isnin. babai!~~



Cinoi xo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anugerah Bintang Popular

Tenang ya, i do this since last year kot. hahaha. laptop depan TV. ntah semangat semacam saja.

(Scha Al-Yahya, Awal Ashaari, Ummie Nazirah)
Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular: Aznil Hj Nawawi
Pengacara TV Wanita Popular: Fara Fauzana

(Chef Wan , Tengku Mariam)
Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular: Faizal Ismail
Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular: Fara Fauzana

One Nation Emcee feat M Daud Kilau : Raja Gelek

(Norashimah, Ikhwan, Anne)
Penyanyi Duo/Berkumpulan Popular: Bunkface

(Along, Yana, Saheizy)
Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular: Nabil
Artis Komedi Wanita Popular: NoorKhiriah

Azlan & The Typewriter: Kelibat Si Penyair

(Salina, Shamsul, Harbaniah)
Artis Baru Lelaki Popular: Black
Artis Baru Wanita Popular: Yuna

Hafiz, Akim, Dafi, Arill: Fanatik
("ada yang mengaku wira, tapi sebenarnya gila") hahahahaha
"Diam adalah bintang/Pintar" - x dngar

Marsha, Diana Danielle, Ainul Aishah : apa tajuk lagu ni waaa taktauuu
"kini hanyalah tinggal kenangan, tiada ku rasa dalam genggaman, hanya terdaya melihat semula kenangan yang lalu, tiada kata ucapan di bibir, tak ku sangka kali terakhir kini, kau tidak akan kembali lagi"

All : Awas
(seksi giler Marsha ni) Awas gerak langkahmu!

(Watie, Rosyam Nor, Fauziah Latif)

Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular: Remy Ishak

Pelakon TV Wanita Popular: Tiz Zaqiyah

(M Nasir, Nora)

Penyanyi Nasyid Popular: Rabbani

(Zainuri, Azlina, Shidee)

Penyanyi Lelaki Popular: Aizat

Penyanyi Wanita Popular: Siti Nurhaliza

Adam & Stacy: Menggegar Dunia

(David Teo, Ogy)

Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular: Que Haidar

Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular: Liyana Jasmay

Dayang Nurfaizah, Alyah, Datuk Khatijah : Ku Pendam Sebuah Kasih, Doa Buat Kekasih

Anugerah Pencapaian Sepanjang hayat: Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim

Anugerah Bintang paling Popular 2009: Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Jaclyn Victor, Black, Wings : Sejati, Opera Hidup, Peronda Jaket Biru.

eyyhh, note my update, makin ke bawah makin bersepah. hahaha. tapi takpa, kalau orang nak baca dia tetap baca juga sebab dia nak, habis seluruh blog pon dia godek. yelarrhhh kan dah hendak memang lah gitu. hahahaah.



Cinoi xo

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Heyyy Happy Easter everyone who celebratin.
So kemarin sabah cuti kan, Good Friday woot woot. So me and housemate decided to go back to hometown, without telling mom and everyone else earlier! Yaaaa we are going to surprise them, and so we did yesterday!!

Bertolak dr KK early morning, and reached Sandakan right on lunch time, after Solat Jumaat.oh sudah lama gila tidak travel from KK to hometown by road. Gila pening.

Sampai saja teros 'assalamualaikumm' dan bertenggek di pintu rumah. Mommy n Daddy pandang ke pintu dengan muka hairan semacam, for like 30sec okayyyy.and tiba-tiba mom bersuara 'Noi, is that you??'
Hhahahha, I take off my sunglass and say "its meeee" hahahah kakak lyne n adik terus bangun n terjah ke pintu! Mom n dad was really in shock! Yeay. Surprise berjaya.

Do you know why they are really in shock, sebab Cinoi jarang sangat-sangat balik hometown, and baru sahaja last week balik kan for the engagement, that is why macam hard to believe Cinoi is standing at the door.

Mom cakap, when she saw me standing at the door, she was like "aikkk siapa budak ni serupaaaa sangat sama Cinoi!!" Hahahah

Currently in hometown. Pagi tadi ada interview dengan Bina Puri. Ouh, lepas I decide mau balik Sandakan untuk berjumpa family then baru I dapat call for the interview. Hmmm tu la hikmahnya kot sebab ingin balik berjumpa keluarga. Tiba-tiba saja dapat interview, dah la Bina Puri, dekat Sandakan pulakkkk tuuuuu. Yuuuuuu managed to passed, and next is 2nd interview in KK. Wish me luck.

That's all for now. Sekarang cuma berehat-rehat di rumah, makan dan tidur dan berbual-bual bersama Mommy Daddy dan yang lain-lain. Muah! Bye.

Eh jap, 1 of the best thing in Sandakan is its easy for club hoping, the clubs are all near to each other, very convenient. Just for ur info ;)

Cinoi xo

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

hai april

hai. lapar gila. sekarang pukul11 pagi. hari ni tiada breakfast pun!~

eyh, sebenarnya ingin kabarkan ini saja

saya suda ada ini –> formspring

join la saya join jom. kita seronok-seronok. masih baru lagi pun. macam seronok kan.

kalau mau seronok-seronok mari lah.

kalau tidak mau seronok seronok tak payah la mari.

dah rasa tak suka, buat apa datang lagi.

selamat berjumpa kawan-kawan ;)

mood happy sekali. seperti hari-hari yang lain juge pun.

akhir sekali, saya jumpa ini

“Treat other as you would like to be treated, Karma’s only a bitch if you are”

untuk yang faham, kamu memang bijak! untuk yang perasan, kamu memang kuat perasan! gagagagagaga tak comel sungguh.

bye. love love love. spread the love yoooo. if you only have HATE with you, you can borrow my LOVE, or i can even give you for free, because my life is overloaded with LOVE. i have a lot more in stock.

wah panjang sekali karutan di atas, padahal cuma nak bagitahu ada formspring sudah. bye betul betul. muah.



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