Sunday, April 24, 2011

It’s the thought that matters

Do you guys remember i tell you that we were having this party at home, my niece’s and mom’s birthday party. Mommy’s birthday was actually on the 10th of April.

I haven’t been back to hometown since. Not until 2 days ago (on Friday). So i was thinking to buy Mummy something as a birthday gift. I did a last minute shopping on the Thursday night, just before i left to hometown the next day.

I decided to give a her handbag, same as last year. Hahaha call me lame, but I just do not know what to give her. What i know is, she likes a handbag that can stand when she puts it on the floor, or table, or anywhere. So what i have in mind is just a handbag that can stand.

I called two of my sister, Kak Nani told me to not pick a white coloured handbag, and Kak Lini told me to buy one that look likes Datin and bling bling. Yes, Sis Lini loves bling bling so much.

I went to 1 Borneo alone. thought that I can do it by myself when I actually can’t, thinking that Mommy will not like the bag that i pick, and there are so many that I can’t pick one. I call Jay for a help, he came in less than hour to help me pick.

Tadaaa, this is the one. Ada bling-bling kan, yang hanging in gold colour tuu haha.DSC_0293

It is not that pricey, not that expensive designer handbag one. It is Pierre Ballman, the price is couple hundreds, but it only cost me 100++ (the exact price should be confidential in case Mommy read this entry) after discount.

And Mom loves it. I know she will love anything I bought for her, it is the thought that matters. Kami adalah bertuah sebab memiliki Mummy yang tidak cerewet. Dia terima dan pakai semua yang kami hadiahkan or belikan Mummy, tidak memilih, sentiasa suka saja, lagipun Mummy suka sebab kami (especially me and kakak-kakak lah) selalu belikan Mummy hadiah, even bukan time birthday pun Mummy dapat hadiah. Happy birthday mom.


Cinoi xo


cik chinta said...

ur momy pandai blogwalking ka? bikin gerun tu kalo my momy pandai blogwalking jg..T__T nway, mmg ngam sda pilihan tu, pandai la ko plih.

CinoiLavigne said...

Pandai juga tu kadang2. Thanks. kwn sy bah ni tlg pilih

CinoiLavigne said...

Pandai juga tu kadang2. Thanks. kwn sy bah ni tlg pilih

Chii said...

oh ya paksen sale kan skrg? td aku nampak dompet pierre cardin, cantik but still mahal T___________T

CinoiLavigne said...

Iya sale. kau jalan2 1org kah??

aku pn mau beli wallet time tu, tp aku fikir eh belikan beg mummy dulu la, tlmpau byk suda aku shop bulan ni.

beaty said...

punya cantik sedang browsing hadiah for mu mum nanti..

Chii said...

ya, tgh hari td lps church. sggh 1b semata2 mo menapau..

td jalan lg aku sbb mati karan lama sgt d rumah. hampir naik gila.

-ilyannur- said...

sama ni bday mom ko sama mom aku. happy bday utk ur mom..

Cinoi said...

nahh does this gives u idea

tegarnya kau seorang diri

woahh really, happy bday to ur mom too

Chii said...

cinoi: haha, besa suda ba.

Just said...

same goes with my mommy. Murah pun tepa yg penting INGAT! hehehe..

echaRierie said... pun suka tengok hadiah tue..
hehehe ;D

Cinoi said...

ya yg pnting igt tu. jd besar hati juga para Mummy dpt hadiah

cun kan

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again