Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dijamin Ambil Sendiri

Purchased a bag few days ago from this one online boutique. I message the owner tru FB this morning asking whether she has send out the bag or not, and asked for the poslaju tracking number.

It's almost 12 when she replied my message in facebook and provide me with the tracking number. When I checked, the item arrived at the processing centre (Kota Kinabalu Post office) around 8.14am. Afraid that they only will send it to my office once I left (today I work half day), so I called pos malaysia hotline. They said the post office won't send the item to my office today, they will only send it next week, on TUESDAY!! Dijamin sampai esok??

Woohoh. Dengan segala ketidaksabaran dalam diri, I rushed to the post office around 12.45pm to pick the parcel by myself. Teeheee.

Yeah now I have new handbag to use this weekend! And it is in RED. Sorry no picture (read: malas), will try to provide you guys with picture soon, maybe tomorrow :)

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. (Yeahh! Saturday almost over, refer here!)

Cinoi xo


Sheila said...

Bah.. post gambar.. aku suka admire handbag orang.. :)

cik chinta said...

bru jak ko bli kasut, henbeg pla mari..haishh...mekup bila pla?

CinoiLavigne said...

ok nanti. aku pun suka admire bag org haha

Cik Chinta,
mekap beli di kedai hehe. nnti la aku blog

- XaXa - said...

beg merah! hot. ;)

CinoiLavigne said...

tu la bah aku nmpak beg merah mu kan

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again