Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fast Five

So i watch Fast and Furious 5 last night. Overall, the hall was full, the movie was awesome (even there are some are-you-out-of-your-mind-that's-crazy-n-doesn't-make-sense scene) The crowd are way too excited till they clap, yeah like Van Diesel can hear them!

The Cast

  1. Siapa tidak mau tengok Van Diesel bergandingan dengan The Rock. Obviously, Van Diesel pendek sikit dari The Rock, tapi bila dorang bertumbuk, Van Diesel lagi menang, no I mean the character, Dom, who won the fight. Luke Hobbs (The Rock) was a federal agent who desperately wanted to catch Dom and his crew
  2. Brian O’Connor makin gemuk. Compare to the first appearance in the previous Fast and Furious .
  3. Awek dalam tu, 2 orang, Mia and the other girl on the motorbike. She was sooo skinny. Beautiful face with skinny body, trettttt.
  4. The supporting character, who recruited in to Dominic crew, I love the talkative one very much, and all of them were FUNNY, i mean the people in Dom’s crew. While team si The Rock was like a crocodile hunter punya pakaian ha ha.
  5. “We need someone who can blend in”, Yes the Asian guy with sepet eyes, also funny one.
  6. Love the Brazilian crews of Dom, when they wear the Brazil football jersey in the movie. Heh

Are-you-out-of-your-mind-that’s-crazy-n-doesn’t-make-sense scene. Or i can say some unpredictable scene

  1. The first action where Brian jump from the train to the car drove by Dom, and when he managed to jump, it was the end of the road and they jump off the cliff with the car. They are lucky to be still alive. Tidak faham? Go watch yourself!
  2. The last scene, the car-chase scene, between them and the local police, paling tidak logik, because too much damage!

The Plot

  1. Cliché. Same usual plot with some romance added, car chase, fine cars, fine chicks. Which is fine, because it was like a trademark to such movie. What is fast and furious without sexy chicks and fine cars after all.
  2. Tidak sempat bernafas. Every scene is worth the money spend, RM10 for movie tix and few bucks for ice lemon tea and popcorn!

Ok. Itu saja la. Nanti saya cerita banyak-banyak spoil pula kan. Go and watch yourself! Have fun!



Cinoi xo


cik chinta said...

teda ging mo nonton, tu r. p sengsorang tade sound2..T_T

echaRierie said... pun teda kwn jua mo pg tinguk..haha..kesian..

CinoiLavigne said...

Nahh Cik CHinta pigi la sama si Echa. Teeheeee

cik chinta said...

pndi ko ahh cinoi

Arms said...

Wow Fast and Furios came out already! Ba, pigi tinguk la ni nanti. Vin Diesel pukul The Rock? Ala, cuba la bawa pigi wrestling wakakaaka.

Alfian J. said...

Adeii..dah mula ka pula..baru jak mau plan p tgk..ehehe

Renzo said...

huhu ndak sadar pun kuar sudah, mau tgk~~~~~~

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