Friday, April 29, 2011

Yuk nonton movie yuk!

As said in the previous post, I wanted this week to end fast. And so I have to filled the weekends with activities that may distract my mind for a while from the waiting pain.

First thing in the morning today, I tried to book Fast and Furious 5 movie tickets, via online, but failed!

gsc1*Sengaja book lebih-lebih manatau ada member mau join tiba-tiba, baik kan saya*

gsc fully bookedHah! Semua fully book. Laju betul orang KK ni book tiket wayang. Selain ingin memenuhi hujung minggu saya, Fast and Furious 5 is a must watch movie, in my list. Saya tidak pernah terlepas satu pun siri Fast and Furious ni.

So I use other option, phone booking, and it was successful. Ouraidaa!!!

So for now, am looking forward for the midnight movie tonight. Teeeheeee.

Kamu? Tidak mau pergi tengok FAST5 ni?? Pi lah tengok movie. Heh.



Cinoi xo


-ilyannur- said...

keluar sudah ka? aiseh harus cepat ni pigi tingu. tapi bosan bah, asal weekend pigi kk tingu movie ja T___T

tiefazatie said...

pergh!cpt btol dorg booking nie!

how addicted i am to blogging

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