Thursday, April 15, 2010

i found the silver lining first….

last week, 8th April Thursday, darling jay and darling nisham arrived KK ody from LD.

Went home after work, and siap cepat-cepat, malam lepak di Mcd bersama mereka, dan juga Sir Po. tidak lama pun lepak, sempat upload gambar LIVE d McD ke FB,


then pulang, sebab the very next day (Friday) i got to go to work, and Jay got interview with this one big company in KK, hahahaha.

On Friday, left office sharp at 5, need to get back home faster and recharge. got myself a 1 hour sleep because its gonna be a long night. it was a long crazy superb night indeed.

Nisham & Jay picked me up around 7.30, we had dinner, then we watched Clash of the Titans at 10pm. after the movie, we, plus Jay’s sisters and some friends went to Firefly, UNFORTUNATELY it was full and packed. you have to jalan ketam just to get inside, huh, so we went to Razz, not much option. huh. it was a great night.

i barely remember what time we went back home, but i remember i just get 2 hours sleep before waking up for work on Saturday morning. i curse the company i work with for working on Saturday!!

On Saturday, petang after work, we had lunch at our all time favourite WAN WAN yummmeh!~~fb2 after Wan Wan kami pergi karok (yaa tipikal i know, asyik karok saja) but who cares, we love it, and enjoy it very much.

2 after karaoke session, before dark, we decided to get back home early, because there’s another party coming that night. we did party hard that night. huh.

Sunday, i missed my Sunday morning, so did them. woke up in the afternoon, and lunch at wan wan (again). after lunch, we had dessert at my place, all of us, its like 7 to 8 of us, went to my place, my sis bake a chocolate cake and cheese cake for us. yippie!!~~~fb3 after the yummeh yummeh cake session, Nisham sempat tido on the couch tolong laa. everyone was waiting for another (final) karaoke session as the penutup of the superb weekend. around 4.30pm, we left my place and went karaoke!!! yes another karaoke session of the week.

DSC_0152 everyone was so tired, yet, still having fun though. (oh ya, noticed c Jay was sleeping there, sowty~~) tergamak kau tidur dalam suasana yang hingar tu Jay Kun! dush~

we only karaoke-ing for 1 hour, because jay & nisham had to catch their bus to LD at 8pm.


ok. habis. weekend saya habis di situ.

what's with the POST TITLE? yes, i found the silver lining first, before the clouds.

what's the silver lining? its the super weekend lor!!!! i just assume the superb wonderful  weekend is the silver lining of the clouds coming.

what's the cloud?? will tell you in the next entry, so stay tune.

….to be continued

p/s- more pictures in facebook!! cekidaut!



Cinoi xo


mesarra said...

cepat update next entry!!!

biar aku drive..ko pening tu

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

next entry sok ye.
polisi saya 1 hari 1 entry...
hahahaa poyos jappp

hahaha palebuk. quotes terfamous aku setiap malam weekend tuuu hahahaha

Chii said...

it's wat we all like to do XD

mesarra said...

hahaha palebuk lama seyhh x sebut

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

yeah. true. true.

tu la aku nak sebut sebut. palebuk palebuk palebuk hahahaha

Ahmad Syauqi Bin Hamdan said...

OUT OF TOPIC JAP - xdpt guna chatbox kat depan.

Maaf b.
Pasal komen tu.
I luv u.

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again