Tuesday, March 4, 2008

part time

29feb 2008

arrived malacca

dinner at
had asam pedas n orange juice

malacca media haouse-preparation for tomorow ict program
met dato.dr the boss..and wife

danau office

subaidah the mamak..
drinks and roti pisang

danau office
met the architect of the hall of exploration, planeterium negara


1 mac 2008

arrived at the office..upload all the stuff needed from the office to the car...and we drove to the media house, unload the stuff, laptops, goodies, and all..and setup the booth and the bilik latihan ict..

then huha sana huha sini..jaga booth..do some explanation..the perasmian is scheduled on 11am..the CM of Malacca arrived at 1115pm and make like an hour speech..so bored..its the perasmian for the program latihan rangkaian berse[adu ict negeri melaka, but he took the oppurtunity untuk berkempen sempena pilihanraya that coming soon..

program mengajar org2 tua how to use the internet and stuff..fun n funny..

the program for today end at 530pm..kemas all the stuff..and went home around 7pm..so tired..

2mac 2008

baru smpai media house..arini bley gi lmbat because all the stuff are already there...

the budak skolah arrived..today is the most fun day because we become a fasilitator for the primary and secondary school children for the whole day..

we teach them how to make a multimedia presentation, how to use the internet, and stuff..there are multimedia presentation competition and quiz..

its so lucky to be here with a great team and boss..it end at 5pm..we kemas all the stuff, bring it to the office..then the boss and wife treat us at secret recipe..nyum2

and yg paling best, i got my pay cash..thanx to Dr. Zaharim..for being so nice and understanding..unfortunately because of the secret recipe i missed the last bus (8pm) to bp..

luckily i have a very nice, understanding and loving hubby that he willing to pick me up at malacca... *wink*
i arrived bp around 12 midnight...

its such a wonderful experience..

p/s- i'll upload the rocking pixes later..

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