Saturday, March 29, 2008

one tree hill season 5 tree hill season 5 is getting hot gitu..

the last episode which is episode 12 is a very special 100th episode of One Tree Hill..

the wedding of Lucas and Lindsay, where the last chance for Peyton whether to intervene or lose her true love forever, but at last she didn't need to because Lindsay back off at the last minute, after lucas said "i do"..

Dan, the recently paroled, dad of Nathan and Lucas showed up..and the mad maid-nanny carry who seduced Nathan, trying to kidnapped Jammie, James Lucas Scott.

supposedly this week, the episode 13 are released, by Thursday..but, when i'm trying to download it, still can't get it..tensi gue since last thursday..haiya, bila mau kluar ho...until just now..yeehaaaa...dah ada...very the happy....

now i'm waiting, for the download to finished..dah 99%...

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