Thursday, March 27, 2008

my pink motorola is sick

actually last night, i plan to wake up a bit late today..but something came across that i can't stay sleep any longer.

its my pink motorola.i felt it vibrate right beside me, so i open my eyes, and flip my phone to check out the msg..sadly, it doesn't turn on..yes, its not flaring.. the screen doesn't turn on, even though the phone is switched on. yes, it means, my phone sudah rosak...uwaaaaaaaa!!!!

i didn't manage to read the msg. so then, i placed the sim card to my other phone, nokia, but the msg is not there..haih..hate this so much...and another bad news for me, i save all the numbers in phone memory, so i don't have anyone's phone number in my sim card ok.

the result, i can't sleep any more..its still early morning (9 am is early when u have no class the whole day), and i really can't continue my sleep.

gggrrrrr.....benci la.........i really need this phone, i save everything in it. and its my everything.. *sad eyes*


nieja said...

lol..ciannye,i pon dah 2-3kali kena cmni..saket ati gile kan

Qi_C.Lavigne said...

mmg r..tgh geram neh..uwaaaa....

Sarra said...
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