Thursday, March 6, 2008

me, myself, and only me

never i talk about myself on any of my post..
my opinion, what i think, what i feel
as for this boring night, i'll talk about myself

well, i am comfortable being me..i love myself so much..
i ain't hypocrite..i will do what i wanna do, no matter what people say
i don't really care what people say on me, org ngumpat ke, nak ckp2 blakang ke, kutuk ke..
as long as i know what i do..
besides, bukan i mntak duit pon kt dorg yg sedap becakap tu.
i'm being me without using their money..
so either its true or not, i don't care what they say..mulut dorg, not mine

and for me, i'll say what i want..on anything, on people..
so, if i can say what i want, people can say anything about what they think of me, really, i don't mind..
everyone has their own opinion..
either its true or not, as long as i know what i do..
if its true, i terasa la, if not, so what...

kritikan itu membina
think positive

and me
i will keep on rocking!
never been this happy

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