Thursday, March 27, 2008


the other day, i've decided to quit netball..

but, after a friendly match last week (which i did'nt attend), few of my team mate sighed..because of the performance of the new player that replacing us, the retired one. and julie did ym me, to talk about this matter..and persuade me to join this masum. furthermore, the coming masum is in sabah, its my place..

and today, maybe i'll changed my mind. but... if i do wanna participate in this coming masum, there's a lot of stuff that need to be settled down.

since the masum falls on while i'm undergoing the industrial training this MEI, i have to apply for a leave, to UHKI and to the company i work with. its a bit complicated, as the industrial training coordinator stated at the briefing, we are not allowed to take more than 3 days leave, so it might be tough.

so, wish me luck tomorrow..and i hope, they will simply approved my application, so that i can participate on this'll be my last masum.

*2007 usm open*

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