Friday, February 29, 2008

no more never-met-supervisor


well, i've met my never-met-supervisor..
i called his PA at 3, and she said that i can come because PM IDRUS is in..i was so excited. i get ready and arrived at his office at 3.30. by the time i arrived, he is out already, but his PA said that it'll just take a few i wait..

he is in..i excitedly entered his office with my stuff..and we made a brief introduction of our discussion. i present him my progress report...and he started to made few additions to my project..hmmm...betambah la plak keja aku kan...but i'm glad that i've talked to him so that i didn't look like i've done nothing with my project..i want him to be informed about my project and progress, and i accomplished that. he is well informed and ok with it..

but..the bad news is, he is adding something to my work that supposed to decrease is increased..he want a full progress report, and he made a list of the things he want, and i have to submit it in a week time..i repeat..a week!!

the main thing, he want me to read about the CONSTRUCTION ON CONTAMINATED SOIL..*sigh*
so i have to do extra work now..this really made me hate PSM..

now it made me think that i'm not supposed to met him until my project is 90% complete so that he won't have any chance to make any additional to my project, and i think he should just stay as my never-met-supervisor..

and he thanked me for waiting patiently..he also apologize because it is hard for an appointment, well, he is extra busy after naik pangkat...

now, he is no more my never-met-supervisor..
he is now have-met-but-shouldn't-met-earlier-supervisor..

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