Thursday, February 28, 2008


today (i mean yesterday, wednesday), ive started to do the compaction, for my PSM..feel glad that i did..

firstly, i ask a friend help to teach me how to to the lab test..thanx a lot to hana for teaching me..the session on tuesday night with hana goes well..

then, on wednesday, its yesterday, but since i haven't sleep yet by now, i felt like it was today, me and hubby and a friend went to minyak beku to take the sea water sample..its very the hot, in the middle of the day..hurmmm...but its fun though...

me and hubby went to the lab after the lunch hour..and ive started the compaction for the first two samples..

i really2 feel glad that i did it..even though havent finished yet, but its a is such a relieved..

thanx to hana and farinie...and special thanx to hubby..i owe u a lot..and it is such a relieved.....

*cure and sickness*
*picture taken by : sarah*

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