Saturday, February 23, 2008



amazingly, i woke up early today..
6.50am..even before the sun rise..
sory sun, i beat u today..
feels so fresh..

"Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil."

semalam we all ada bbq at rakin's place..
its his birthday..
happy birthday rakin..
we really2 had fun last night..
this time's bbq is slight different from other bbq held in his place b4..
because this time, they (rakin, matin, ali, nije, sarip, najib, sadat, jan) invited almost the whole class..n its such a sweet n fun event, where the budak cina sgt sporting to attend, and the classmates gathered n had fun..its awesome..

the menu
  • laksa - cooked by murni
  • ayam
  • ikan (3types of ikan la lbh kurang)
  • sosej
  • fries
  • tembikai
  • air laici

the people (the classmates, i wish i dont missed any name)
besides the housemates themselves,its
  • me, lisa, pijot, ainur, murni, farid, pa'ie, dedt, salwa, balkis, lynn, ina, tipah, intan, jaja, zila, nisa, mela, roy, zafran, jepp, beh, other 3 chinese (i forgot the name), ilyas, roma, acap, paan, jamal, ijam, apan, megat, syuk, masrizal, jetak, wak, ise, wan
  • the gf-s, pinah (n frens), syikin
  • the frens of the housemates-dewa, norman (may), n some other frens that i dont know their names

the events
  • bbq (of course)
  • mkn2
  • photoshot session (i'll upload the pixes later)
  • the nyanyi-n-potong kek session
  • the kotor session (the climax of the event) where they throw rakin to the nearest dirty sungai (or maybe parit), siram him with disgusting n smelly air ayam, tepung n some other dirty stuff,
  • the cleaning
its crazy, the area are damn smelly with the air ayam spread around the road..the pakcik2 makcik2, villagers, n org yg lalu lalang were like covered their nose, n stared weirdly..hahahaha..sian rakin..sory la, everyone has their turn, the night is yours..

appreciation n applause to the tuan rumah, for the such unforgettable event..hope there are more events such, in the future..

i'll upload the pixes later..


Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief

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