Saturday, May 28, 2011

Randomlicious on Satur-licious-day


Hello people. Happy Saturday. Yippiee.

  1. I’m working today. Are you?
  2. Bought a lipstick 2 days ago and my niece said the colour looks weird on me which i don’t care because I like weird stuff, it tells we are different from other.
  3. I tend to not buy things that in my list and have been in the list for quite a while already, but buy things that I suddenly saw while jalan-jalan. Sangat bahaya!
  4. I bathed my toddler nephew, Naim Firdaus this morning, before I go to work. (In case you don’t understand why I’m telling this, I wanted to say I am a good aunt, I am aite?)
  5. I think I have the ability to foresee the future. Because I was imagining I’m typing this while I’m on my way to work tadi. And now I’m doing it!
  6. If Yien Amoy didn’t text me this morning, I won’t wake up. And if my sister doesn’t shout “your boss cari you!!” kuat-kuat tadi, I won’t wake up for the second time. Yes, I went back to sleep after the first woke-up. And my sister was lying. It was a prank. She laughed so hard when I woke up in shocked. Demmit.
  7. Oh, why did Yien Amoy (my junior in high school) texted me early in the morning? Because she was informing me that the stuff sent from Tawau arrived KK already this morning so I can pick it up already. It was actually food, Buras. Will tell you that in other post okay!
  8. Oh, my car was only 2 weeks old yesterday, and the mileage is 2000km already! (It was already 2011KM when I arrived at my office today)
  9. Notice that I call my car “my car” because I haven’t decide the name yet. I want to name it a male name like Damon, but the car looks female. So maybe I want to name it Chici (because it’s easy to call it and it’s like my name) or Cherry or Pinky. You think? Help vote ok!
  10. My schedule is packed this week. Work till 1 today. Appointment after work at Perodua (lagi best) . Wedding invitation tomorrow afternoon and another one tomorrow evening.
  11. Kotobian tadau tagazo do kaamatan. Aramaitieee!!


Have a beautiful Saturday.


Cinoi xo

*Have you seen this??


beaty said...

huh cinoi...kita sama dalam tahap bahaya no. 3 ..alih2 kan trus yang in my wishlist tidak terbeli ni..

for your car..kasi nama Cherry la since Pinky is too many suda atau ble sa suggest? "Pinxie" "Pinxzue" lain bunyi kan.Lol..cadangan ja bah tu..heheh

Packed juga ko punya schedule ni..hhe

Chii said...

I vote ur car to be named "Pink" because it sounds more (fucking perfect) rock and roll than Pinky. Hehe.

Can't wait to ride it tomoro! (Jgn lupa, 6 am ok? Aku x mo lambat lg.. T_________T)

Cinoi said...

Haha bunyi cina plak tu

kau ni mutant bah kan mash ada abilioty utk influence people to listen to you hahaha. BEtul juga tu Pink. Ya sok ambil kau 6 pagi morning. Ahahaha

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Hi Moi, I'm too working today...err, I mean not really working because I stuck with Facebook and blog lebih kurang gaji buta laitu *paduli*

Your car name; just call it Sexy! Because ladies driver always get a good attention from others driver *driver conduct bas sampai drebar YB tatap suka tinguk ladies driver*

Why sexy? Don't you think you are sexy hehe!

Bah, Kopivosian Tadau Tagazo do kaamatan kumaa ih diau.

...why we need to work on Saturday?! arghh! (><)

Gunaqz said...

Hi Cinoi. Saya vote Chici. Comel..

Enjoy your weekend!

ghost writer said...

i love buras...rindu dengan makanan tuh..

Daniel Chiam said...

Haha Wtheck... I thought only guy names their car. I go with majority on that. Hahahaha

Cinoi said...

Haha. Daniel, I even named my handphone, my camera, my anak patung, etc

Ola said...


p.s.apakata pggil keta ko 'gay'..kih3xD said...

Point #3 is actually normal for maniac blogger, like us.. Muahua3!

I would like to suggest 'Cinoi' since, perhaps, people already called you as 'Noi' instead of 'Cinoi'. Hua3

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again