Monday, May 16, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

There was one time I only follow one series, which is One Tree Hill, until few years lately I was influenced by my friends Azanin and Aci to watch many other series. One of them is Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars is a series from a novel, is about group of friend, who one of them was missing, and found dead a year later. It is a mystery teen drama.

What I learn about Pretty Little Liars:-

  1. I like the theme song, "Secret" by The Pierces
  2. The dead friend Allison, even though she was so mean, they still loved her and mourn her dead. As a friend, they accept each others’ good and bad. I think so do I with my friends, masing-masing ada perangai pelik masing-masing but we still friends though.
  3. Sometimes they made a stupid decisions. Ya sudah tahu diorang might be a suspect, and ada orang stalking on them, they still went to the hutan la, and do things alone.
  4. I hate it that i can’t guess who A is! Demmit. Ian may be Allison’s murderer, but he was not A. But he might know A.
  5. Jenna, the blind, at first i thought she was brave, strong, fierce, scary, but later I found out that she was just one fragile girl, and scared girl. Only one thing that they should scared of her that she have a pretty good sense for a blind person.
  6. Everyone have their dirty little secret. Everyone lie.
  7. The most of all, i love their clothes! Their style and fashion! Especially Aria. And Hanna too.
  8. Can’t wait for next season, maybe in June. Refer here.

pretty little liars 4 pretty little liars 5 pretty little liars 2pretty little liars 1 pretty little liars 3

Picture source are from Google, and print screen from the series. Will share some more fashion inspiration from PLL soon. Till then.


Cinoi xo

*p/s: Jom travelling! Jalan-jalan bah! Holiday!


Daniel Chiam said...

Are they in college? How come there's no pretty little hot chicks like them during my study years???

Di luar topic but they are pretty indeed XD

Cinoi said...

They are in high school! Hahaha. Too bad

beaty said...

mcm lawaw jua fashion dorang ni kan...dulu ada sa tingu one tree hill sekejap ja ni tertingu ,,,heheheh

tqa said...

tidak bole guess kan! wuwu Y__Y
paling gerigitan bl stp ending dia kasi hint2 lagi, kasi tgk2 kaki A lah, tgn lah! *rawrrr*

CinoiLavigne said...

lawa bikin rasa balik2 mau shopping

kau rasa a she ka a he? Kdg2 figure nya mcm male, kdg2 mcm female

tqa said...

kan kan~ lelaki mcm tp eh entah la..
hr tu time april fool kecoh d fb page nya A=ezra. hahaha mengamok semua org

CinoiLavigne said...

Iskk xkanlah bah si Ezra. Tiada tanda2 pun. Teda2 bahhh (ceh emo plak org emsem dituduh)

Akemi Siegel said...

kopisanangan cinoi...ko jalan-jalan di mana? bawa saya bha. haha ^^v

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