Monday, June 2, 2008

my crazy two weeks

19th May
- met Syauqi before depart
- depart from Senai, arrived at KK, Sabah

- arrived at UMS

23rd May
- Netball , .:UTHM vs UM:. UTHM lost

24th May
- Netball , .:UTHM vs UNIMAS:. UTHM won & .:UTHM vs USIM:. UTHM won

26th May (morning)
- Netball (quarter) , .:UTHM vs UTM:. UTHM lost

26th May (afternoon)
- depart from KK, arrived at Sandakan

26th May (evening)
- my younger brother's wedding ceremony

27th May
- depart from Sandakan, arrived at KK

28th May
- depart from KK, arrived at Senai
- met Syauqi
(stayed in Jb for a few days)

1st June
- depart from JB, arrived at Kuantan

penat tapi puas..........

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