Tuesday, June 3, 2008


*UTHM netballers*

this were my very last MASUM of my life, maybe..
i am no longer a UTHM student for the coming MASUM..

our flight on the 19th were the same flight with the chess and basketball team..

we arrived UMS at noon...
and we just knew that our game will only start on the 23rd..
so we have like 3days for training before the game...

everything goes well there..
except few things that i wish shouldn't happen...
yes, few things only..

overall..okay la...

the bad news is..our captain was injured on our 2nd game which against UNIMAS..wa...memang ganas..sangat..this UNIMAS..i don't know what they eat..gila..langgar orang sampai macam tu...she (the captain) was seriuosly injured and need operation...she weren't playing for the 3rd game which against USIM and the QUARTER against UTM..

yang lain-lain tu, just let the pictures tells okay...

*berkumpul kat campus before leave to Senai, thanx beb, n u too shiro n gejek*

*sarra, shiro, gejek*

*baru sampai Senai..few hours lagi tunggu flight..lapar...*

*yyeeeww...so sweet...Syauqi dtg ke Senai..teman smpai pagi..smpai waktu departure*

*before gi training..kat UMS*

*me and the captain..before the first game..thanx for the hair-do*

*stadium UMS..perasmian pembukaan*

*my injured captain..get well soon*

*sempat celeb bday sifah*

more pictures coming...tunngguuu...tgh collect ngn geng2...


Ko Tau Sape AKu said...

sedih aku time anta ko tu..huhu..

Qi_C.Lavigne said...

aku pon sedih..tp happy..sbb x sabar jmpe ehem ehem kat airport mase tu..wahahaha....korg sokmo gitu, suke sedih2,.....huhuhu

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