Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i went for a site visit today..

not a site, but two site ok..luckily, it wasn't that hot and sunny day today..

mendung-mendung sedap..

i learn how to marah people..u have to be brave..i don't have much problem with that i think..ahha..since i am very pro with those marah-marah stuff..kan b...hihihi...

but when the project manager told me to tegur the pekerja, and tell what isn't right there and how to fix it, macam terasa sedikit segan..because it was my 1st time..lagipon i had to do it live, kesian kat site supervisor tu kena marah depan2 oleh saya seorang perempuan...

well, it is such an experience...i have to learn more...site visit means report waiting ahead..huhuh..i am just gonna get to sleep now..and i'll start the report tomorrow morning at the office..before pegi site..

and..the Bos are back tomorrow..semoga dia sudah dapat ntah, hidayah kot...huhu..wish us luck!!!

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