Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hari pertama of health/beauty product

Hello there. How was your week so far. Time flies so fast that tomorrow is middle week already. Which I don't really like because wednesday means construction weekly meeting. Booo. I bumped into an article in facebook recently, the title sounds like "meeting makes your IQ low"

Cukuplah pasal kerja, speaking-speaking lagi. Anyway, I am writing this from under my blanket, because I can. Hah. No it wasn't that. Because I can't sleep but I need to sleep before 12.

And I want to marked today as first day I'm consuming this healthy product that I will only review after a week I took it. So, later okay.

March is almost at its end, What I am looking forward in April;-

1st week
- the result of the healthy product I take
- majlis hantaran
- business bonus

2nd week
- Family day

3rd week
- kursus kahwin (yeah it was supposed to be on last march but I postponed to this date)

3rd week
- more shopping, new handbag perhaps? Heh.

I hutang entry Labuan, and entry bercutian with Mom last weekend. Next entry maybe.

Okay. Guess it's a good night now. Thanks for reading.

Cinoi xo

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Nonny Atika said...

looking forward to the update on the health product & majlis hantarn hehehe. dan HR MAnager kami juga ada share artikel telampau meeting bikin brain dead d fb.@_@

beaty said...

packed juga ur april kan noi..

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again