Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ixora Giveaway



ixora 3ixora 2

apa neh??

ixora1   Book of Shadows Vol III


Cun gila, amazing kan? It’s beautiful!! I want!! If you (anyone of you who read this) wanna buy this for me, i can get you a cheap price for this, RM249 here. Thanks in advance.

Anyway,  they are having a giveaway ended tomorrow!! The lucky winner will got to win most favourite item, Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow. (The Book of Shadows Vol III is my 2nd favourite item). Hurry guys. But, if u didn’t got lucky, u still can purchased the Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow at RM99 only (normal price is RM160).

Have fun shopping at http://ix-ora.blogspot.com/



Cinoi xo

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