Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How i spend my weekend. Lately.

Lame. Yes. My weekend was lame lately. I didn't even take any picture of me last weekend.

Friday night, learn to make homemade Sushi which was so yummy. In my dream. I woke up and ohhh, the sushi was ready by Jay and his sister, Bibi. I ate. Then went back to sleep.

Like last Saturday. I work half day. Owh, i off early, so i worked almost-half day, had Kon Lou Mee for lunch. And then home, and sleep all day. Woke up at 7 to get ready for movie at 9 with my nieces and nephew. It was Big Momma. Yeah i spend my Saturday night watching movie with the kids. Guess i should wear "Great Aunt In The World" T-shirt.

And i stay home on Sunday. Did some sleep-and-eat activity. Before had outside dinner, i helped prepare Sushi and had some, it wasn't as yummy as the Friday night sushi, maybe because this time i was helping, i should have just sleep. Only went out for dinner. And yeah, i met some friends from KL. Was home before 12.

There went my weekend. And lately, most of my weekend was spent by sleeping beauty. But why haven't a prince charming come and kiss save me? I feel old.

But if we look at the bright side, if I look at the bright side. I can save more by not going out for weekend entertainment. If keep having this sleep-and-eat activity only, during weekend, in few months i can already have an iPad2 and new blackberry (because Rara been having some problem with the trackball lately, sudah setahun pun pakai) Or even big, i can have my dream wedding in 1 year of sleep-and-eat activity on weekend (maybe 1 day a prince charming will come in my sleep and ask me to marry him), and big car too. What i need to do is just stay home. Yeah. From a party girl to a stay home girl. Amin.

How was you weekend guys? Anything you care to share?

Cinoi xo


Chii said...

owh..sama la..tu jak aku buat kebelakangan ni..tight budget sbb mo bayar cc bill..hehe..

beaty said...

wah cinoi sa mau tingu tu baju ko pakai...ko snap bh..

punya bagus ko ni bawa lagi anak buah ko p movi..anti yang bagus ko ni..

bh al day ko sleep ka..wahhh bagus kalo tidak pandai gemuk

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