Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its 5 and 5 and 5

‎Someone forwarded this in BBM, so I guess it is good for sharing.

""This month of January is very special. There are 5 Mondays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays in only one month. This only happens every 823 years. It is called the "money bags". ""

Amazing discovery kan. Actually ada lagi sambungan message di atas

"Forward this message to 8 good persons and, as per Feng Shui principles, money will flow. Those who stop the chain will get nothing.Shall we try?"

But I won't do that to you, I Dislike chain message ok, but I like the money will flow. Ha ha. Saya rasa, share di sini lagi ramai atau lebih dari 8 orangg yang dapat kan? Kan? Kan?

Best wishes all!


Cinoi xo

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