Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pipeline or Jetty?


So yesterday I attended the second meeting of this matter; to have only a pipeline in 7months time or to wait for a jetty in not less than 3years (the discussion only,for the jetty, will take 24months), now with my project manager. The 1st meeting was with the general manager, at the authority office.

Unlike the 1st meeting where we are the one who present our proposal on the pipeline, yesterday was the presentation of the marine consultant who carried out the feasibility study (risk analysis) for proposed jetty at the area. Is it safe to extend the jetty, or it is better just to have a pipeline.  The depth, turning point, maneuver space for the ship, ship handling simulation, tugs, environmental condition, hydrographic info, either the turning room is sufficient for which capacity of ship, etc, in the view of the consultant and study result and conclusion and recommendation.

The stakeholders was also invited to voice out their point of view, what they need, what they want for their business, etc. So the consultant, the stakeholders, the authority, and the owner (if the pipe is to be build) voice out their respective point of view.

We, the PMC, the one who will do the work (pipeline/jetty construction) of course want a pipeline, it means business to us, and also business for the stakeholders so their investor won’t turn their back on them since the facility to transfer the oil now is below capacity. Even though, me myself, have a different opinion, but I did not represent me, I represent the company, the one who proposed for the pipeline.

And I sat there, listened to all 4 different point of view, and felt small (3 and a half years old engineer need a lot to learn), and what I think everybody should realized is, generally, the world does not revolved around us only. (sorry macam takda kaitan pula ayat last ni haha)

And i feel grateful that I have the opportunity to learnt. (other than buat minit meeting AH AH AH). After this 2nd meeting, there is still no decision on a pipeline or jetty? My prediction is, meeting by meeting, hour by hour will spent, the decision akhirnya juga akan dibuat oleh the politicians (or government, eh?), yalah dorang mahu bagi duit ke tak kan.

Hmm itu saja. Susah juga bimbo mahu tulis perkara serius kan. Lagipun ada certain info yang taboleh tulis haha so ada limitation here. I guess by writing this entry, I have already done half of the report and minutes of meeting. GAGAGAGAGA. Entry ini cuma entry untuk melepas rasa ingin blogging.




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