Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not so new purse.


So early last month, Aci tweeted about needing a new purse (or maybe wanting) hahaha, when I suddenly need one too, right after reading her tweet. HA HA. In fact, current purse that I used at that was still consider new, November last year, birthday gift from Jay sayang. Awwww. But it was indeed true, because my cards was like tiba-tiba bertambah and I need a purse that have more cards compartment.

Then one day after work, went to Suria for some wedding stuff hunting when I accidentally passed by MNG that  have this big SALE sign. Wahh. Is this a sign???!!

Next thing I remember is, I was already in the fitting room ;p with few tops and pants. And yeah, I suddenly need a new formal pants for work. Such a lovely coincident. IMG-20120613-00372

Bought half of the clothes on the picture above. Hiding under the pile of clothes is a very nice hot pink purse. Oyeah oyeah.

mango purse 1

Above picture was taken just now, not even a month and it have a pen mark on it. Nice one Cinoi. Still clumsy as ever.

What I love about this hot pink purse is it have 12 cards compartment in it, which every compartment I inserted 2 cards.

mango purse 2

And the purse is big and ada tali. Love love. Nah sekarang inilah dia tempat menyimpan duit hasil titikpeluh.

These are some of my cards inside the purse 3

I still kept the old purse though, it was a black purse from Guess (birthday gift from Jay), and the previous purse before the black one was purple white elen delon purse, birthday gift from Kak Nani. Ini lah my first purse (since 2008) yang bukan birthday gift.

So girls, mind to share yours??


*Noticed that aku tiba-tiba buat macam english writing? Sebab aku ingin memperKAYAkan vocab aku.

Wait up, is it purse? or wallet? hah! apa-apa lah labu. Jangan seja lari jauh. Correct me if I am wrong okay.



Cinoi xo


Sheila said...

entry ku bakal menyusul..

OrangeFay said...

Reading your post..Haish, I need a new purse too! :'(

Chii said...

aku masi blm beli. skrg aku mau new wallet AND new bag lg (even tho aku baru beli bag) haha. x pndi puas.

Cinoi said...

Semangatan blogging

I think in this situation, everybody need new purse. Go buy 1 now

Jgn tunggu2 nanti kau tidak beli tu

Jaw @ MyGamanBorNeo said...

huhu ... ni yg bikin tangan gatal mau beli purse baru.

Anne Nurain said...

sy suka beli beg seja, purse jarang sebab jarang guna jugak.. hehehe~~

Sabrina Iyna said...

lawa tu wallet n tu color really cute kan :)

beaty said...

ah bikin mengundah kalbu ko pny entry ni noi..ishh..nanti la aku bli pas kawin..kalau ada lagi tinggal duit..

Anonymous said...

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how addicted i am to blogging

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