Sunday, January 31, 2010

pending updates

i’ve been busy lately, with works, family, facebook, love[s], and friends, sounds like everything except this blog. yaaa. sorry for those who have been waiting eagerly for updates here *wink wink. but still you guys get updates from me in facebook and twitter aite? iam going to list down the pending updates here (it will work as a checklist for me), some of’em are in d drafts. ok. lets see.

  1. Acen & Qid n d geng visited KK (ok this was 2weeks ago hahaha nampak sangat malas update, tapi saya mesti akan update pasal ini, mesti, janji janji)
  2. Mimi and me and the wedding preparation, the project and the everything-about-wedding. (haha yon mesti kau terus nervous kan?kan?)
  3. Congratulation post to Po (kesinambungan pemergian Po ke kl yang ini –> )
  4. How iam worry if my friends doesn’t update their facebook status (hahaha i drafted this)
  5. itu saja mungkin.

hehe. i tot banyak gila kot nak update, bila list down itu saja rupanya. ok. (itu saja konon, itu saja pon belum lagi update update uu) feels like so many things in my head, so have to sort out everything. itu saja kot. kalau ikut nak cerita semua, satu hari 2kali update kot, my life is full of colours and love kan,unlike some people, full of hatred. bye bye.

p/s- mekaseh sume sebab memeriahkan rumah saya.

p/s – nice try but too bad, i dont give a damn of what people say like u give a damn what i say/write. thanks for giving a damn.

p/s/s – do i have to label “sarcasm” at every line of mine if im being sarcastic? because some people just don’t understand and even speculate.

p/s/s/s – yes sekarang perlu habiskan tonton leverage and one tree hill. ala aza, please give the copy of GLEE to Po, nanti dia datang balik sini kan. ai mau la sayang. thanks.

p/s/s/s/s - aku selalu meyakinkan diri sendiri bahawa manusia itu indah. tolong jangan rosakkan itu.



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