Thursday, January 7, 2010

a letter to TWENTY TEN

hey twenty ten, its been 7 days you are here. i want you to know that in you year, i want to :-

  1. buy speed light for Chiqi.1

    * Chiqi yang the one in my hand. the speed light on Chiqi wasn’t mine, it was borrowed from my bro-in-law.
  2. go road trip with friends. in borneo and peninsular malaysia. untitled
  3. learn photography
  4. upgrade my wardrobe and new laptop (i just don’t know why these 2 stuff comes together)
  5. attend all my friends’ wedding ceremony (i heard that many are going to get married this year)
  6. buy new car, using my own money.
  7. quit my job

yes. all these 7 things. i am serious. so, as you are now well aware of my you resolutions, i wish and want you to cooperate and be nice. be good because i will rock you and create history in you. lets! (ok. history sangat lah saya. hahaha. layan saja ok)

and remember, you will be a good year, tell me you will. somebody tell me she will! okay. (oh, TWENTY TEN is a she. aha)

its me,



mesarra said...

smoga terlaksana segala macam menda 7 tu ok..
harap2 ko akan attend wedding aku tau ni
hahaha mode gatal plak tibe2..

Syefa Amanina said...

woi..bape bnyk kali aku dgr ko nk quit job..lame..ahahaaha!

Chii said...

aku sapot no. 7 ^^

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...


sebab tu aku cakap kali ni serius. i want to quit serius serius

tq bebeh. aku pon sapot no7 hahaha

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again