Friday, January 29, 2010

It's like my iPod stuck on replay

owh lagu ni stuck in my head for few days ody.

shawty like a melody in my head

that i can't keep out

got me singing like
nananana everyday
its like my iPod stuck on replay
Remember the first time we met
You was at the mall wit yo friend
I was scared to approach ya
But then you came closer
Hopin' you would give me a chance
Who would have ever knew
That we would ever be more than friends
We're real worldwide, breakin all the rules
She like a song played again and again
That girl, like somethin off a poster
That girl, is a dime they say
That girl, is a gun to my holster
She's runnin through my mind all day, ay
Since you been all around the globe
Not once did you leave my mind
We talk on the phone,
from night til the morn
Girl you really change my life
Doin things I never do
I'm in the kitchin cookin things she likes
I can be your melody
A girl that could write you a symphony
The one that could fill your fantasies
So come baby girl let's sing with me

p/s: cekidaut (ada komen seronok! sanggat membina la~~)


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