Tuesday, March 9, 2010

some things are better left unsaid

DSC_1027 yoshhh. eyyo eyyo everybody. hows evrybody doin?? this is seriously random okeyyy.

  1. joined Mimi’s pre-wed photo shoot last two Sunday. it was tiring but awesome. if you are not prepared to get dirty, panjat bukit, masuk hutan, pijak pasir, don’t dream of any nice outdoor photo shoot. i learned a lot of things, as from becoming a photographer, to a photo shoot director and even being a model. i want to be all. yes. tamak. 1 8 35 DSC_3396
  2. we found out that Naim Firdaus have a crush on Llew ;p naim tend to malu-malu when Llewellyn is coming. and the usual laju gila main mata Naim become slow-motion main mata from him when it comes to Llewellyn. (note that Naim is my 1 and a half year old nephew, and Llewellyn is my bff)DSC_4214
  3. i have a target (ok tipooo, actually few) with my 100(s) and with my sister’s help, i’ll be getting the first aim soon. will blog about it once i managed to get it.
  4. i think i should shop for working attire. soon.
  5. i haven’t order the cupcake for Sis Lyne’s engagement, which i promised her i will, and the engagement is in two weeks time. eh do you know my sis is getting engaged with my bestfriend in college? isn’t that awesome?
  6. and ohhh, haven’t bought baju to wear on Sis Lyne’s engagement! dush. take note take note.
  7. if i said don’t, i mean do not! but if you still do, then you have to pay for it. yes YOU! sekarang kita tengok siapa yang terkedu, gelabah tetek, melalak tak tentu pasal. nak maen kasar sangat kan.
  8. We (me, po, n llew) met our long lost high school friend, Roshidi, last friday, with his gf, lepaking until 3 in the morning. he’s still handsome. eh no, even more handsome kot, since last i saw him. his gf is cute ;pDSC_1072
  9. we the girls, are going outing for kain hunting, for Mimi’s wedding in June. we’ll have a same kain but different style of kebaya/baju kurung. i wonder what my style of baju will be. i only have ‘something transparent’ in mind right now.
  10. ok dah banyak sangat dah. bye dulu. muah. and ohh, my weekly activity seems so boom boom pow lately. hahaha. hell what the meaning is. DSC_1055


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