Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick update

Heyy.I'm blogging frm under my blanket.why? Because I can.

Bought baju kurung tadi after work.not the one that I want,but still look nice.the one that I want was already sold out.ppfffttt
Sampai saja rumah try the baju kurung laju-laju sambil excited. And baru 7minit try, dua bijik manik fell off dush!!

And tiba2 terfikir, the other baju that I tried d butik tadi is also niceeee.menyesal amek gambar pki bb td masa dekat dalam fitting room (sssshhhh),sekarang duk tengok the baju in the pic and rasa keinginan yang membuak-buak. Takkan boleh tukar dengan yang dah purchased ni kan. let's together we pray that tomorrow I won't visit the boutique again, and purchase it (its a kebaya).

Tomorrow,housemate will go back to hometown, will be home alone, again, tomorrow night. Hmmmp

That's all I think.
Hmmmpp currently missing someone badly.mood dipengaruh oleh lagu yang sedang didengari dush!!

Kepada kamu-kamu kesayangan(s) cinoi sekalian.wherever you are, do take note that cinoi love and miss all of you, GBU.

Cinoi xo

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