Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You can never be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy

ra ra ra ra ra ramma ram mam maa ga ga ohh la laa~~


akhirnya berjaya mendapatkan

Picture 010

sungguh puas bukan, berhasil mendapatkan apa yang di ingin. alhamdulillah. lalalala


this post was actually delayed for almost two weeks, got this bb on March 15th ;) the 1st week is sakai week of the year, sebab tak reti ini itu semua gagagaga baru belajar la konon. banyak tanya Totin and Aizu. semua benda nak tanya! hahahahaha

7 was delayed because i haven’t got a name for him (yes my bb is a he), until yesterday, i finally came up with a name. ok tipu. i came up with two names, which i haven’t choose yet, either RARA, or CIRA.

i think of RARA 1st, why? because lately i love to ra ra ra ra ra ram ma mam ma ahh ga ga ohh laa laa~~~ so why not name it as RARA, but then, all my stuff are named after the initial letter of my name, C. my nikon- Chiqi, my anak patung that i slept with since forever- Choco, my lappy – Chyvil, etc. so if i named him (the bb) Rara, nanti macam anak tiri pula, keshian dia. but still i love the Rara name.

hmm. why i have to choose when i can have both *wink

so today, i excitedly happily named him Cira @ Rara !! o yeah!! gagagaga. so everybody, say hai to Rara @ Cira!!! can call him Rara or Cira, both accepted. it works like my name, official name is Sri, but people call me Cinoi (i want to make Cinoi official juga sebenarnya), so his official name is Cira, but i will/can call him Rara ok? ihihihih.  Picture 003.


ok. itu saja nak cakap. habis.



Cinoi xo

p/s: tiba tiba rindu Ahmad. siapa Ahmad? gitar kapuk. bye.


mesarra said...

ciRA or raRA dua2 aku suka
sbb aku SARA

Anonymous said...

i'm just wondering is this black berry or blue berry. both of them can be called BB.haha...suggest your BB not blur at it's brand name...lol

Best regard,
embok yg cute xoxo

CinoiLavigne said...

Gedik sey kau embok

CinoiLavigne said...

blackberry hokayyy

Anonymous said...

kakakaka....gedik kan?tukar gamba tu nt da

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again