Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yeay.daddy is coming back to mummy. daddy wont have to puasa alone mummy to take care of him.

6.52 am
I just informed that Dad is not well.
if u guys remember, dad went to KL to look after my uncle (by the way, my uncle shows a positive signs of recovery, thank God, Alhamdulillah).
so, daddy said, he wants to go back to Sandakan as soon as possible. that soon is today.huhu.
Hopefully daddy dapat flight balik for today.

9.30 am
Dad's flight ticket back to Sandakan was succesfully purchased just now. His flight will be at 5.30pm today.

the thing is, no one can send dad to the airport. He said he will just take a cab. But im worry, Dad is sick, and alone. .. huhu..but anyway, Iam happy daddy can finally go back to Sandakan.

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