Sunday, July 6, 2008

another stupidity of an ex

i don't know how to start..its such a funny and stupid story...

an ex (a he) once left his stuff at the girlfriend's place, who is now his happened years back...and the ex (the he) currently asking back for the stuff...ok la, i named the stuff as TV ok...currently the stupid ex-bf asking for the tv back ...aarrghhh...for god sake, buy a new one moron...u said u are wealthy enough right?? the ex-gf still remember the ex-bf words "why do i need credit card when i have enough money to buy anything i card is one way of berhutang" stupid kan...does he know how convenient can the credit card be...stupid...and now, he is asking back for the TV..if the ex-bf are rich enough, why don't the ex-bf buy a new one, kan??siapa setuju raise up your hand!! hehehe....owh, by the way, the ex-bf married few months ago...hey, the ex-gf gave away the TV to the orphanage month ago, if u are so desperate on the TV, go get it from them...


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