Sunday, July 6, 2008

mission accomplished

1. beli kain

2. watch hancock

both accomplished..beli kain semalam... watch hancock, tadi...

the initial plan of going out today is to go to the tailor, but we were a bit late, and the tailor was not in already...she left..never we just went out, for lunch..

and we lunch here...

and we watched HANCOCK

HANCOCK was not that bad...and for sure it is funny...i really wanted to watch this movie since last week, but i heard from some people who watched it a few days ago that this movie wasn't that great...but still i wanted to watch it...i don't care of the bad review, because i memang dah beriya mau i just carry on with my plan...i love the part put the head on others butt...thats awesome..and disgusting..wahaha...i give 3.5 over 5... *wink*


Chika Chika said...

u dah beli kain eh.
maknanya dah tau la nak buat fashion apa eh. i tak taula nak buat fashion apa. i ni dah la kaki mengarut dalam fashion2 ni. kang again i buat kebaya yg luarbiasa kang. susah pulak semua mata2 tipikal. ekekkee.

u buat fashion apa? meh la berkongsi-kong-sikong-xi-ni....

Qi_C.Lavigne said...

actually i xtau lg nk fesyen i mmg suke yg pelik2 lain dr yg lain..tgk saje my PINKed hair yang i wat smpena mnyambut tahun 2008 tu..haih...
i beli je, yg tranparent, permulaan utk yg extra-ordinary..i blom lg hntar ke tailor..maybe i bncang ngn tailor tu la kot..i dah ccari di dunia web ni pon x jmpe..
jom la share kalo u ada yg ehem2-ordinary sket..hohoho

tapi i suka, biarkan mereka mata yg tipikal tu...sebok jek

how addicted i am to blogging

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