Saturday, September 19, 2009

tragedi malam raya

today balik sandakan from KK by car. but since the car was FULL, with kuih raya, my housemate's stuff and all, so my luggage terpaksa naik bus express (it was a kind or postage here in Sabah where u can kirim your barang via bus express). i sehelai sepinggang naik kereta with my housemate. the only my stuff with me is handbag, makeup bag, Chiqi (my nikon..weeee, yes, yes, i have new nikon dslr). that's all.

my luggage with all my baju including baju raya inside, underwears, toiletries (salah eja ni i tidak tau eja toiletries). and so the bus express with my luggage full of my raya stuff inside supposed to arrived Sandakan at 7.30pm.

BUT, yes there is a but. the bus arrived earlier than scheduled. EARLY i repeat. my sis arrived at the bus station to pick up the luggage at 7.30 and they said the office was already CLOSE. yes, CLOSE. and my luggage was already been kept inside their office, in huge kontena full with other kiriman-kiriman orang maybe. the office was close with my luggage full of baju raya inside. perfect!

i never thought such things as this will happen to me. i was picked randomly by the bad luck at malam raya!

whyyy meeeeee????? (sambil melutut di tengah-tengah padang dalam hujan lebat)



llew said...

anduk bha....
beraya ngan baju apa lah ko nih??

eRRuL "BuLaNsYnDrOM" said...

sian ko.. tragedi tragis ni!

nor faridah said...

ahaha. habistu ko beraya pakai ape cinoi? malang.. sian ko.

how addicted i am to blogging

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