Saturday, May 3, 2008

cheerish every moment of it

well, me and syauqi had a date last nite.. wasn't a farewell date, we will never have one.. its just a last date as a student..hehehehe... i know i am gonna miss him.. and he is no longer live next door... tiada lagi die menjenguk ke tingkap bilik... tiada lagi dia menghulurkan chrysanthemum tea dari tingkap bilik.. tiada lagi pergi ke mamak tengah2 malam yang sepi-pi-pi..

tiada lagi pertolongan dalam apa jua perkara, dari yang kecil2..hinggalah yang besar2..

we are another step further for the journey of our life...and i think both us are ready for that...

i don't know what i am gonna do, without him helping me in everything..

banyak yang tiada lagi lepas ini..
but our love still stay the same...

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