Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a boring world of working!!!

i dah start industrial training..

yesterday..semalam thought of blogging..but didn't..

because i am damn tired and sleepy...

my 1st day is ok..the big boss is not in..just the head of my department, En.Hud which is big boss' brother..

kak reen welcomed me..she is the 1st i met when i arrived there...

nothing much..yesterday i only did a job, BQ..

today only 2 job..and all the free time i use to do my thesis..

1st day:

En. Hud: are u serious..u wanted to be an engineer..kene blajar dimaki and memaki..and, tomorrow xyah pki baju kurung

me: owh..this is my 1st day..what do u think should i wear..(cakap dalam hati je) *smile*


big boss: hah..u..orang baru..come...lets make some introduction...

big boss: owh..ur name..macam artis..

me: bla..bla..bla..

big boss: bla..blaa...bla..

and the conversation is just a normal 1st-time-met usual, people talk more on my name..and my origin...

when he walked out the door, he stop by

big boss: by the way, do u smoke??

me: .....erk..........???

big boss: don't worry yourself..there is no FEMALE-CANNOT-SMOKE written on cigarettes box..

me: (ternganga)..ok sir!

done..nothing much happen today and just an ordinary 1st day...i had a meeting with the managing director, the head of my department and the secretary...

and today, i received a bad news too...huhuhuhuh..tell u later kay..daa....

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