Thursday, May 1, 2008

pameran poster psm

i am done for the final project pameran poster.. was yesterday...
i wait like 2 and a half hours for my panel to evaluate me..
yes, since i arrived a bit late then everybody, i get the not-so-strategic booth.. which u will find last when u enter the hall.. its ok...*my pinked poster*

thanx Syauqi for being there for me.. he is the one who lekat my poster tau.. and Sarra was there too... i was at the same corner with Shiro and Openg.. well, we are the bestest jiran ever kan.. booth pon nak dekat-dekat jugak...*cepat sikit prepare tu..haih..*

*ya..ya..kami lah orangnya*

*ya..di sini la kami*

only 2 panel evaluated me which is En. Hazreek and Puan Zaihasra (who is replacing Ir. Agus).. En. Amir Khan was absent..tak tau la meks nape...

Shiro pulak his panel was my supervisor, Prof. Madya. Dr. Idrus.. and also Dr. Chan while Openg, En. Yusri and the lec with-the-songkok-i-don't-know-his-name...

below are some of the Q&A session..

En. Hazreek: kamu ni..hmm..semalam baru bagi technical paper..kt luar bilik saya lak tu..macam mane ni saya tak baca lagi...terpaksa u explain sumenya..

: its ok sir, u can read it now..take ur time..when u are ready then we can start the Q&A session.

Dr Chan : Why do use this polimer as an additional material??
Shiro : Sbb sume student under supervision of En. Yusri use TPE...

EN. Hazreek : So do u think i can carry out the same research with other types of soil..

Cinoi : as written in recommendation, which u can see it in my technical paper, i recommend that for further research, other types of soil also preferable...
take a look..see..there, in my technical paper i've mentioned..

Puan Zaihasra: hah..saya evaluate kamu??kenapa saya tak tahu..kalau tak saya habiskan awak sikit student yang saya evaluate tadi tu..
: hmm..saya pun baru tahu yang Puan ganti Ir.Agus...sian Puan dah penat kan..dah pukul 5 ptg dah ni..ramai betul yang Puan evaluate..its ok..its ok..we can make it short..sian Puan (sambil menepuk-nepuk belakang puan-hahaha..what am i doing)
*"mcm ni prof..saye pon xtau la nak ckp ape ni..wolf wolf"*

and ada lagi question which En.Hazreek ask me i answer with " is in my technical paper..u can see it there"

hmm..i know, so many question were answered with not-so-technical answer...lack of preparation kan..but everything goes well jugak..i am glad that it is done...a big claps for myself and us...

di bawah ni acara-acara selingan semasa even tu berlangsung

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