Wednesday, April 9, 2008


u and anyone are welcome here..
but don't make a stupid judgment from your tiny little brain,
if u don't love it here, the entry, the environment,
why don't u just leave..anyone..LISTEN!! its my blog, if u disagree with me, just leave ok
its simple...
everybody has their own opinion,
its my blog anyway (how many time should i repeat this??)
as i said earlier, click the 'x' button, or press Alt+F4,

and especially you, yes, i mean YOU
please stop involving other people in your business
if u dare to start, u will dare to face it, without begging for sympathize from other,
and without dragging other people to your problem,
why..are u scared??
because its u the one who start it first,
bare in mind, that i am not afraid of u..

come on, if u really dare to challenge me,
why don't u just leave your comment on my blog,
instead of involving and dragging people around,
look at u,
u are so pathetic..

come on..
live in real world,
don't mix one thing with another,
u should have known how to categorized your business

stop messing around
and please leave my blog if u are unhappy with it
stop bothering me..

i never care of u,
what u write
what u did
i do care of what u did to me,
because its involved me,
but i just expressed it through my blog,
and if u want me, to really show,
that i don't like u, u will get what u want,
as soon as u wanted it to,
don't u think it is better for me to expressed it here, instead of making any further action??

saya tidak kacau orang melainkan orang tersebut kacau saya dulu...sekian.


Sarra said...

haha..dah byk kali ko ckp ni blog ko tp ade gak manusia yg x fhm2 kan.aku pon x fhm nape ssh tul dia nk faham..
ngeng jela.nway,nice post.Ink merah lagi tu.kalu x faham bahase lagi xtau la.agaknye pasni ko kena tulis pakai bahasa mandarin la aku rase..

Qi_C.Lavigne said...

aku pon pelik and heran,
why people ask me to ignore anything she did,
while she's not ignoring me, and even bothering me...
and sebok2 g jengah2 blog aku..

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again