Monday, April 21, 2008

BFC grand dinner Part 2

*view from the entrance*

ok..sambungan k..hik..

i sampai Katerina Hotel a bit late that evening..people almost done eating...i sit on the front table, and had my dinner...
the mc are
Jamal n Roma..they are cool..they are the one who made the dinner more fun and enjoyable..and sangat meriah...Roma the otai and Jamal the kelakar...
Amir Akmal are the one who starts the karoke session..bravo amir...then followed by Shahir, Hiromi and beloved bf Raymond, me myself, Najib n Sarip, Sam n Huda, Sadat n Sarip, Syuk n Ijam..who else huh??i guess thats it.. the karoke session were punctuate with the award giving ceremony..

there were few awards that night..which are:

King of Cute -
Queen of Cute -

King of Aktif -
Queen of Aktif - Haryani

King of Ceria -

Queen of Ceria -

King of Blur - Ali
Queen of Blur - Malissa

King of Senyap - Poul
Queen of Senyap -

King of Skema -

Queen of Skema -

King of Kelakar - Jamal

Queen of Kelakar - Intan

King of Vogue -

Queen of Vogue -

King of Stylo - Capang
Queen of Stylo - Putet

King of Versatile -
Queen of Versatile -

King of Otai - Roma
Queen of Otai - Cinoi

King of Sempoi -
Queen of Sempoi -

King of Karoke - Shahir
Queen of Karoke - Cinoi

King of Kuat Makan - Ijam

Queen of Kuat Makan - Syazwani

King of Gelak Kuat - Zaid

Queen of Gelak Kuat -

King of Superhero - Sadat
Queen of Superhero - Jaja

King of the Night - Mat Leh

Queen of the Night - Hiromi

*note-the blank award tu i don't really remember anyone are welcome to fill in the blank, then i'll edit later k..

we had a lots..and lots of photo shoot session..this will be one of the best memories of our 4 years here..even few people are missing that night, it doesn't matter...and
even someone i dislike are present too, it also doesn't matter..i did enjoy that night..syabas to Roma, u really did a good job as the host of the night...and congrats for them who had been working so hard to made this dinner possible.......................

friends forever..........*bfb*



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Angie said...

apahal king of the night bukan raymond? hehe.

Qi_C.Lavigne said...

ape yg sedihnye...wawawawa...

ya la ya..siktauk la pahal..sik cukup bgaya kali raymond ya...

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