Saturday, April 5, 2008

bang bang boom!!!

weeks ago we are told by the faculty that there will be an exam called EXIT EXAM on friday, which is yesterday..and the questions based on all subjects we have learned since first semester of our first year..we are allowed to bring books during the exam, but not allowed to discuss it with other..

so..ok la..i didn't prepare anything at all..because i don't really had the mood on taking this exam..even when i'm about to leave the house before going to the exam yesterday, i didn't bring any books..but mela force me to bring some books then i bring like 5 books..

just when we arrived at DK F, we noticed a slide presentation in front, it a taklimat on the outcome-based-learning..stupid kan...

then the lecturer in-charge made an introduction

the lec : u are here actually for...

suddenly my friends who seat on my row shout out loud BANG BANG BOOM!!!

the lec : hehehe... (and continued the taklimat)

ya looks like they lied to us, to that a large numbers of student will attend this so not interesting taklimat..they knew it, that students won't attend such taklimat during a soooo busy time like, good strategy guys...u got me!!

not even 15minutes after the taklimat started, i went out, from the lecture hall, to have a drinks with my friends, at the nearest cafe..haha...and i even had roti telur..then we enter the lecture hall few minutes before the BANG BANG BOOM end...

(note : BANG BANG BOOM is a tv show that have the same concept with PUNK'D and quiet similar like JUST FOR LAUGH..hmmm)

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