Monday, February 13, 2012

I Just Hit The Keyboard Randomly

Because I miss blogging so much. Jadi entry ini agak kelam kabut sikit. Okay. Rentetan minggu lepas.

Food and Diet

I’ve learn to eat OAT last week and I made it. Now I love oat , suddenly. For certain people, yes, I look thin, or in a better word, slim. But for me, I am bigger than before, I can see it in my pictures recently, I am not used to this. It is hard to get in my jeans oh demmit please. So I only take bread and milk for breakfast at home before went to work. Heavy brunch at 10am. Drinks (like juice) during lunch, no dinner. Just take green apple and oat before 7pm. And milk before sleep. I used to hate oat, it’s tasteless for me. But now I know the secret of yummy oat, it is in the milk. Right amount of right milk provides you yummy oat. Try it! But I haven’t start exercise yet. If I have extra money, maybe I’ll buy PB as suggested by Sarah since few months ago! And maybe buy HL from Amy.


I just hope that work will not be part of my life. I wish I can left work like really left it and go home without it. But it stuck in my mind and I hate it. I was like always afraid to work the next day, thinking what is there waiting for me, and the workload urghhh. And the part I hate the most – driving to work. I loveee to work at site, but I hate to drive that far everyday, like 90km return journey. I dislike to work at HQ office, because hurmm, ah I’ll pass this, not in the mood of whining about that now, but it is nearer T.T huhuh. Kita tidak boleh dapat semua yang kita mahu kan. Jadi aku cuba la rajin-rajin sebab kerja tu kan ibadah juga.


Yes we have been through up and down in just a week. Many things happened. The preparation is slow. Somehow we manage to register for March Kursus Kahwin. Sometimes, if we argue, I feel like I wanna punch him on his face. Tapi kadang-kadang lepas bergaduh, aku rasa macam aku mau tumbuk muka sendiri pula. And the cycle goes on.


Work half day on Saturday. Pick up friends of friend at airport, Marina and her bf Momo on Saturday night. This German friends of mine been on vacation since weeks ago. Their flight was from Jakarta, they were in Indonesia for 2 weeks, now 2 weeks in Sabah then back to north Malaysia, to Thailand then Cambodia, and to Kl again. They actually did couch surfing in Indon, but I don’t even have a couch, so I send them to the cheapest Backpackers lodge in town. Funny thing was, dia tutup pintu kereta aku dengan kuat sekali dan teruss “opsss, I’s sorryy” lepas dengar bunyi macam zink nipis haha. maybe she used to BMW or anything unlike Malaysian car, huhu. And they wanted to eat Nasi Lemak at 12 midnight?? where to find.

Then, I did laundry on Sunday, and tiba-tiba watch Man On A Ledge on Sunday night (last night), it was awesome. Go watch! Kaki wayang harus tonton ni, way better dari Haywire yang mengecewakan seperti cerita psiko porno tu. Man On A Ledge ni banyak aksi mendebarkan aku siap tutup mata macam tengok cerita hantu, jalan cerita pun menarik. At the end kamu akan cakap “ohh rupanyaa yangg ituu ialahh ituu, now I know” hah macam gitu lah lebih kurang. Go go watch! Sementara menunggu wayang tu aku main game bola di pusat game di CP tu dengan tunang. Ahha. And home by midnight.

Off Blog

Jadi sekarang aku masih hutang entry Tip Of Borneo sebab aku tiada card reader, and my camera was kind of lowbat and I just learnt that I left the charger back in Sandakan. And I guess even though I have a photographer on the same roof, I don’t think our camera charger is same. I’ll ask my bro-in-law later la if he have charger for my camera bat, or he must have a card reader, hopefully I won’t forget about this when I am home later. That’s the point I am typing that, so I won’t forget.

Jadi aku tinggalkan kamu lah dengan 1 gambar di lokasi Tip of Borneo, from Jay’s phone.


Have a wonderful week people!


Cinoi xo

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