Monday, October 12, 2009

how i missed my best friend’s wedding.

My facebook status on Saturday



then at 2.30pm, they announced that the flight (KK - Tawau) will be delayed to some time that will be announce soon. and they asked the passenger to have free food at McD. i said to the person in-charge there “i don’t want McD, i want to fly NOW”

30minutes later, they announced that the flight delayed to 8pm. that is when i started crying. i was all ready, with make ups and baju kebaya. i cried, went to the toilet, crying while i get changed to t-shirt and jeans.

i texted Aci to tell them (my friends who was waiting for me at the airport) to just go to the wedding, and do not call me because iam crying. tapi Joyah getek-getek juga call ai, terus burst lagi my tears.

status3 and my fight was actually delayed to 11.15pm. MAS sekarang ni pun sudah macam ombak. jahat! my flight was delayed for 10hours. and i missed my best friend’s wedding.

at 4.30pm i called Amy (the bride) to tell her that i can’t make it, but we ended up crying on the phone.


anyway, i wanna wish her Congratulations, and may she live happily ever after, be a super great wifey n mother.


oh ya. i managed to met her the day after the wedding. we lepaking at her place like for a few hours.

well, congrats again. and to you people out there, beware of MAS.




Chii said...

haha beware of mas - like some kind of a disease..

Pink Praying Mantis said... i know the story. Btw, ari tu aku naik MAS 3 kali flite, 3 kali delayed..semua dlm bln sept. Rasanya ada problem kali. Latest..kali ke-4 br on time. Rugi ndak minta jd enrich members...4 kali tu fly guna MAS dlm 1 bln.Tp tiket murah dr aku x kisah la.hehehehehe.

Pink Praying Mantis said...

Tp klu aku naik airasia mesti x penah on time...delayed jak. hahahaha

IEYNA said...

walaupun pict ni pelamin xbrapa nk nmpk tapi aku suke plamin tu...cntik n simple...hihihi...

Totin Jamain said...

omigod sampai macamtu skaliiiiiiii!
gile kejammmmmmmmmmmmm. you claim la duit balik den trus beli tic airasia ke apa gile stress oh macamtuuuu.

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